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Tuesday, February 2, 1999/ Bahman 13, 1377, No. 657

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    Knowing silence
    Editor of banned magazine on being a journalist

    A court in Tehran has ordered the closure of Adineh, the country's most-respected independent magazine. Here's an editorial from a recent issue (November 1998) written by Gholam-Hossein Zakeri., the managing editor, titled Sokoot kardan raa baladim (We know how to be silent).

    Zakeri makes general comments on the difficulties of being a journalist and mentions that he had recently been warned by previously-unknown organizations to tone down the critical articles published in his magazine (in Persian) ... GO TO FEATURE


    Government seeks to win back restless youth

    TEHRAN, Feb 2 (AFP) - Iran's Islamic regime set out to capture the imagination of the huge teenage population born after the 1979Islamic revolution Tuesday with a special youth day launched by itsmost popular figure, moderate President Mohammed Khatami.

    Khatami told a raucous crowd of Tehran schoolchildren he could understand their difficulty in identifying with the 10 days ofcelebrations the government is staging to commemorate the 20thanniversary of the overthrow of the shah.

    "You youngsters were not not in the revolution, so it is natural that what you know is only what you have read or heard," he told acrowd of 12,000 schoolchildren gathered in the Azadi sports stadiumin the west of the capital ... FULL TEXT


Resaaleh Online

Ayatollah al-Uthma Sayyid Ali al-Husaini Seestani, aka Hi-tech Hussain, answers all of life's pressing questions ... CLICK HERE

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* Wonderful collection... for kids

Keefer writes: Thank you very much for the wonderful collection of pics and songs ["Revolution: 1979-1999"]. Please keep it on line so my kids get educated about what has gone into this revolution.

* Adoption?

Niloo Soleimani writes: Do you know where I can get info on adopting a child from Iran?

* Business: Iranian business meeting in San Francisco


    All Iranian-American business owners and professionals in the City and County of San Francisco are invited to the upcoming meeting for making important decisions towards the future common goals of Iranian business community and celebration of our expanding presence in the San Francisco/Bay area communities. Attendance of other Iranian-Americans is also encouraged for this event.

    Date and Time: Monday, February 8, 1999, 6:00-8:00 PM
    SOCCA Restaurant
    5800 22nd Avenue, San Francisco
    (415) 397-6720... MORE DETAILS


Book of the Week

Daneshvar's Playhouse
A Collection of Stories

By Simin Daneshvar

In five intriguing stories, the formal detachment of Daneshvar's prose reinforces her subtle revelation of repressive features in Iranian society. . . . These seemingly simple stories disclose a rich culture in a time of ferment and change, of women in chadors, held in contempt by the men who control their lives. . . . This volume is a valuable addition to our knowledge of Persian culture and the political complexities of modern Iran.
-- Publishers Weekly

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Court bans liberal Adineh magazine

TEHRAN, Feb 2 (Reuters) - An Iranian court has banned a liberal cultural journal after it found its editor guilty of lies and dissemination of corruption, the official IRNA news agency reported on Tuesday. ``Branch 1410 of Tehran court found the managing director of 'Adineh' bi-weekly, Gholam Hussein Zakeri, guilty of insult and dissemination of lies and corrupt articles,'' IRNA said ... FULL TEXT

Former Iran official says press freedom threatened

TEHRAN, Feb 2 (Reuters) - Iran's former top press official, a noted moderate, has compared the country's new-found press freedom to a young tree about to be uprooted, newspapers reported on Tuesday. Moderate newspapers, many of which started publishing after the 1997 election of moderate President Mohammad Khatami, have expressed concern that Ahmad Bourqani's departure might signal a more restrictive atmosphere against the press ... FULL TEXT .. ALSO SEE FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Revolutionary Guards warn against any compromise with US

TEHRAN, Feb 2 (AFP) - The hardline commander of Iran'sRevolutionary Guards warned against any "compromise" with the UnitedStates on Tuesday saying that it went against the teachings of the20-year-old Islamic revolution. "There is great antagonism between the United States and therevolution," General Yahya Rahim Safavi told a crowd of youngstersgathered to mark the revolution's 20th anniversary ... FULL TEXT

Iranians to get Russia nuke training

MOSCOW (AP) -- A group of Iranian specialists will come to Russia earlynext month for training in operating a nuclear power plant that Russia isbuilding in Iran, according to a news report. Thirty Iranians will be trained at the Novovoronezh nuclear plant in southernRussia as part of the $800 million plant construction deal signed with Iran in1995, the Interfax news agency reported Monday ... FULL TEXT

Street plays

Tehran (Hamshahri) - A report on the Street Plays Festival in Tehran ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Under-21 soccer team move up

Tehran (IRNA) - Iran's under-21 "Omid" soccer team has moved to the semi-finals of the Vietnam international games ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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New and imroved! We all need a good laugh...

Beyond Iran

Wild-Eyed Alaska

The Pratt Museum installed video cameras on remote cliffs and isolated rocky beaches, providing a bird's eye view of this wilderness habitat.

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Young trees

Young trees have shot up, but there are apparently people who are determined to cut them off at the roots. The only excuse for this is that someone might not like the smell if these young trees grow and flower.

Ahmad Bourghani
Former Deputy Culture Minister speaking on opposition to press freedoms
"Former Iran official says press freedom threatened"
February 2, 1999

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