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Wednesday, February 3, 1999/ Bahman 14, 1377, No. 658

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TU & the revolution
"The campus looked as beautiful as I remembered"

    Written and photographed by Armin Alaedini

    It is hard to believe that twenty years have passed by since those turbulent days of the revolution. I can vividly remember looking out the window of my room at the demonstrators. Our apartment was on Farvardin Avenue facing Allahyar Saleh's house. I was only a child, and those shouting demonstrators didn't seem extraordinary at all; they seemed to be a part of daily life. Many of them were university students and most of them showed their hatred and hostility towards the Shah and his regime. ... GO TO FEATURE


    U.S. Congress & Iran

    The following text is a summary of the proceedings of a conference on "The US Congress and Iran: Twenty Years After the Revolution"presesented by the Middle East Institute and the University of Maine. This event took place on January 29, 1999 at the US Capitol Building.

    The first panel dealt with the US Congress and Iran during the period 1979-99. Kenneth Katzman of the Congressional Research Service gave the main presentation. Frank Record, staff member of the House International Relations Committee, and Puneet Talwar, staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, were discussants. Henry Precht, State Department desk officer for Iran during the Carter Administration, served as moderator ... FULL TEXT


Beembo beh faarsi chi meesheh?

From Angylina's CyberChik web site:

I am one of the few and rare models from the Middle East. I was Born in Tehran, (Iran) , and moved to Rome, (Italy), where i was raised in a Catholic school in Casteldegondorf. The pope's mansion was less than a mile away from where i lived. My older brothers had moved to America to attend school at U.C.L.A. When i grew old enough, I came out west to visit them, I liked it so much, I decided to stay. California had such a wonderful climate, but I had heard Las Vegas had great job oppourtunities. Since i had experience in card dealing for a Casino in Monte' Carlo, i decided to come to Vegas ... CLICK HERE

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* More oil, less prosperity

Hashem Farhang writes: [Regarding "Pretend we have no oil"], with the exception of one field in the Persian Gulf, where the reservoir straddles across sovereign borders between Iran and one of the UAE emirates, there is no other reservoir even close to other countries' jurisdictions. In the Caspian Sea we may, in future, also run across a possible similar scenario. Neither case is too significant and you can always make some kind of arrangements, whereby one or the other country becomes the operator, and they share the revenues under some well-tried-out formulae. In the case of the Persian Gulf field, proper protections are in place already.

Reliance on the revenues of oil, however, is bad no matter what the price, today or tomorrow. Worldwide a principle seems to hold true, that places rich in non-renewable natural resources, tend to have lower standards of living. ... FULL TEXT

* Pump it or lose it

Ramin Abhari writes: To respond to the question about leaving oil in the ground ["Pretend we have no oil"], most Iranian reserves are shared. Masjed-e-Soleiman is shared with Iraq's Northern wells. And there were reports (rumors?) back in the Shah/Cold War era that Semnan oil fields somehow tapped into the Soviet Caspian Sea reserves, which explained why Iran and the Soviet Union had a few production sharing agreements. Unfortunately if your neighbors are pumping, it's a "pump it or lose it" situation.

* Convention: Iranian-American Republication convention

The Iranian American Republican Council's 11th Annual Convention will be held in Portland Oregon on Saturday February 20th. IARC would like to invite all interested parties to attend this rich event.

Morning 8:30-12:00: Business meeting (elections, platform, resolutions). Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) will be there at 11:00 A.M to deliver comments and answer questions. Lunch (12:00-1:30) will feature Governor Victor Atiyeh of Oregon Afternoon (1:30-2:30): Seminar on Lobbying Techniques. Evening: Gala dinner at the Portland Art Museum featuring Congressman Robert Ney of Ohio and former Governor Pete Wilson of California, as well as the popular entertainer Marteek.

Congressman Robert Ney spent three years in the Peace Corps in Iran, and not only speaks Farsi fluently but is also very interested in Iranian issues, culture and heritage. For more information or to register please call 888-330 IARC or visit our web site at

Book of the Week

The Priest and the King
An Eyewitness Account of the Iranian Revolution

By Desmond Harney

An extraordinary and riveting diary of the events that led to the Shah's overthrow... Harney conveys superbly the ups and downs, the rumors and speculations, the paranoia, ... as the old order was undermind. You can hear the helicopters whirring frightening the impotent. -- The Sunday Times

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Bitter battle over landmark poll overshadows Iranian anniversary

TEHRAN, Feb 3 (AFP) - Iran's sqabbling political factions continued a bitter war of words on Wednesday over the country's first ever municipal elections, despite repeated calls for unity on the Islamic regime's 20th anniversary. The landmark vote, due on February 26, is considered the Islamic regime's first great test in local democracy, and has provoked a violent squabble between supporters of reformist President Mohammad Khatami and conservatives who have striven to bar radicals and moderates from standing as candidates ... FULL TEXT

CIA: Iran likely to face "serious unrest"

February 2, WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden, blamed by the United States for last year's U.S. embassy bombings, is still a threat and the CIA fears another attack could occur "at any time," the U.S. intelligence chief said Tuesday. Neighboring Iran, meanwhile, was "more likely to face serious unrest in 1999 than at any time since the revolution 20 years ago," Tenet said ... FULL TEXT

France annouces business deals with Iran

PARIS, Feb 3 (AFP) - France and Iran, breathing new life into bilateral ties, on Wednesday announced new business deals in the offing while striking a series of cultural and diplomatic agreements. The announcements came during a meeting to France by Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Khatazi, Tehran's first foreign minister in eight years to pay a "working visit" to France ... FULL TEXT

Central bank demands rescheduling of import payment bills

SEOUL, Feb 2 (AFP) - Iran, hit by currency shortages and falling oil prices, has asked South Korea to reschedule some 100 million dollars worth of import payments, officials said Tuesday. Iran's central bank called for advance payment for oil imports from the South Korean government if debt rescheduling is impossible, Daewoo Corp. said ... FULL TEXT

Palestinian police uncovers "Hamas-Iran plot"

GAZA CITY, Feb 3 (AFP) - The Palestinian police said Wednesday they had uncovered an Iranian "plot" to launch a wave of suicide bombings in cooperation with the militant group Hamas, including one against an Israeli school bus. Palestinian police chief Ghazi Al-Jabali said Palestinian security forces "confirmed the arrival of 35 million dollars from Iranian intelligence services," adding that relevant documents had been seized last week at a headquarters of the Ezzedin al-Kassam brigade, the military wing of Hamas ... FULL TEXT

FEATURE: Women in theater

Tehran (IRNA) - Iran's under-21 "Omid" soccer team has moved to the semi-finals of the Vietnam international games ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Azizi comeback

Tehran (Iran) - Tehran (Iran) - Khodadad Azizi will be invited to the national team "very soon," says headcoach Pourheydari (see bottom of this news story) ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

FIFA award

Tehran (Iran) - FIFA has awarded Iran for sportsmanship during the World Cup 98 match with the U.S... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


Iranians in 2,000 U.S. census

The US Census 2000 is approaching very rapidly. Every Iranian American related group, association, and organization must immediately articulate a strategy including education, and full participation by all in the Iranian American community to respond to the Census, while citing their original cultural heritage ... FULL TEXT

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Milad & Mohsen Alikhani are teenagers in Tehran with a web site better than anything produced by any Iranian in Los Angeles. (Just trying to make a point... settle down.)

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I had heard Las Vegas had great job oppourtunities. Since I had experience in card dealing for a Casino in Monte' Carlo, I decided to come to [Las] Vegas.


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