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Friday, February 5, 1999/ Bahman 16, 1377, No. 660

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Jonoob-e Shahr
Where everyone is exhausted

    By Laleh Khalili

    I always assumed that in southern Tehran I would find staunch defenders of the more conservative elements in the regime, but whomever I addressed, whatever conversation on which I eavesdropped, whatever gestures and manners I observed testified to the derisive and pessimistic view of the people towards the regime. Everyone is exhausted and the conversation is invariably about the intended increase in the price of gasoline to 350 rials per liter (4 cents) and the falling value of rial in the black market. In a city where the most prosperous cab-driver makes 2,000,000 rials per month (today, that is $228; one week ago, it was $262 ­ the rial has fallen by 14% in the last week alone), and the ordinary civil servant around 300,000 rials per month ($35), the increase in the price of gasoline means inflation: the price of all goods will increase as the cost of their transport goes up. In the bazaar, where the goods are brought from far and wide, this effect is felt close to the bone. ... GO TO FEATURE


    Iranians make new lives in America but hope for return

    By Scott Hillis

    LOS ANGELES, Feb 5, 1999, (Reuters) - The upheaval, in which thousands of Iranians were executed, drove many of the wealthiest and best-educated to seek refuge in Europe or the United States. Two decades after Khomeini declared the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Persian diaspora have fashioned new lives as doctors, shopkeepers and scientists while clinging to dreams of a return to their homeland.

    An estimated three million now live outside the ancient country once known as Persia and half a million of them have flocked to southern California, drawn by the area's sunny climate and economic prospects ... FULL TEXT


    Iran launches epic 50-hour TV series chronicling Islamic revolution

    TEHRAN, Feb 4 (AFP) - The shah and his wife strode majestically through the marble halls of the imperial Saadabad Palace again Thursday as Iran's Islamic regime started filming an unprecedented 50-hour TV series marking the 20th anniversary of their overthrow.

    Moderate President Mohammad Khatami looked on as a valet announced the grand entry of his imperial majesty the shah, played by actor Reza Banafsheh Khah.

    Following the customs of the old imperial court, the shah extended his hand for his top political and military aides to kiss, before settling down for intense discussions about the emerging Islamic opposition ... FULL TEXT


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    The Shah in trouble

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* Census: Good for all of us

Masoud Modarres writes: A few weeks ago I received a card in the mail from the U.S. Census Bureau advertising part & full time jobs. I have been thinking about the same things David Rahni mentions in his letter ["Iranians in 2000 US census"].

I agree with Mr. Rahni that this should be the top agenda for all Iranian groups in the U.S. (regardless of their religious, political, social, or cultural affiliation), because the result would benefit us all. There should be a center (or better a web page) dedicated to this cause where everyone could find information, solutions or ideas ... FULL TEXT

* Call her what you want

Behzad Fazel writes: Boy, I was blue this morning until I found my way to Angylina's site. She's got a great body. I don't care what you call her. (Also see Angylina's letter)

* Book tour: Tara Bahrampour on tour

Tara Bahrampour, the author of "To See and See Again" is going on a book tour in the U.S.. Here are the dates & places:... DETAILS HERE

* Book talk: Dick Davis in Seattle

Dick Davis will be reading from his books, Borrowed Ware: Medieval Persian Epigrams, My Uncle Napoleon, and The Lion and the Throne: Stories from the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, Vol.1 at Seattle's renowned bookstore, Elliott Bay Books on Thursday 11 February at 7:30 PM. Elliott Bay Books program can be found at: //

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The Priest and the King
An Eyewitness Account of the Iranian Revolution

By Desmond Harney

An extraordinary and riveting diary of the events that led to the Shah's overthrow... Harney conveys superbly the ups and downs, the rumors and speculations, the paranoia, ... as the old order was undermind. You can hear the helicopters whirring frightening the impotent. -- The Sunday Times

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More news

Khatami to meet the Pope

Feb 5, 1999 (BBC) - The Vatican has announced that the Iranian President, Mohammad Khatami, will meet Pope John Paul II next month when he visits Western Europe -- the first such visit by an Iranian president since the Islamic revolution in 1979. The President is to visit France and Italy.

Farah Pahlavi interview on NPR

Washington - National Public Radio (NPR) in the U.S. will air an interview with Farah Pahlavi this Sunday (Feb 7) on All Things Considered, between 5 and 6 pm (broadcast time may vary. Check local listings). She will speak about her impressions of the Iranian revolution 20 years after the fall of the monarchy.

Iranian refugee groups occupy UN office

Feb 5, 1999, (International Federation of Iranian Refugees) - On February 4, 1999, at 11:10am, the International Federation of Iranian Refugees - Netherlands Branch and several others refugee groups occupied the office of the United Nations in the Hague for several hours. The occupation was in protest to the January 22 discussions of the Dutch Council of Ministers regarding the new report on Iran from the Minister of Foreign Affairs which cites only certain categories of persons as "still running the risk of persecution." ... FULL TEXT

Grain as litmus test

Feb 5, 1999 (Christian Science Monitor) - Editorial: Washington isn't going to squeeze Iran into foregoing development of nuclear missiles by withholding food. US farmers, facing diminishing exports to nations hit by the Asia-Russia-Brazil economic downturns, need customers. A big majority of the Iranian population obviously wants improved relations with the US. Pressed by isolationist clerical opponents, the Khatami government needs proof that its overtures are paying off. That's more than enough reason to take this modest step promptly ... FULL TEXT

Artists condemn attacks

Tehran (IRNA) - A group of some 100 artists have condemned attacks launched by (conservative) newspapers against the theater feastival during the anniversary of the revolution. One newspaper compared the festival with the Shiraz arts festival in the Shah's era ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran's women skiers 4th in Asia

Tehran (IRNA) - Iran's women's ski team took fourth place in one of the skiing categories at the Asian championships in Korea ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN

Omid ousted

Tehran (IRNA) - Iran's under-21 "Omid" soccer team were stopped from reaching the finals of the international games in Vietnam ... IMAGE TEXT IN PERSIAN


Iranians in 2,000 U.S. census

The US Census 2000 is approaching very rapidly. Every Iranian American related group, association, and organization must immediately articulate a strategy including education, and full participation by all in the Iranian American community to respond to the Census, while citing their original cultural heritage ... FULL TEXT

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Like all the other times on this trip, I was taken aback by the bluntness with which criticisms of the government were voiced. I also for the first time viscerally felt the vastly disparate relations of the affluent and the poor with the state: while the affluent complain about the absence of THEIR rights but inherently trust the role of the state as the provider or security and services, the poor in Iran (and this is certainly not a scientific survey, but rather a generalization of numerous anecdotal evidence) mistrust the state altogether.

Laleh Khalili
"Jonoob-e Shahr"
The Iranian
February 5, 1999

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