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Monday, January 4, 1999/ Dey 14, 1377, No. 636

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Immigrants or exiles?
Identity and Influence among Iranian-Americans

By Haleh Vaziri

I draw the distinction between the experience of Iranians who arrived in the U.S. before and after the revolution to answer the question: Do Iranians reside in the U.S. as "immigrants" or "exiles"? Arguably, Iranians who came to the U.S. prior to the revolution -- some of whom have become naturalized U.S. citizens -- are "immigrants." They left their first homeland -- Iran, the place of their births and childhoods -- and have chosen, however reluctantly, to stay in the U.S., adopting this as their second or new homeland. Although these immigrants feel nostalgia for Iran, they harbor few if any desires to return to their first homeland. Rather, they tend to adopt a bi-cultural perspective to life, espousing what they regard as the best in both American and Iranian values. Although sometimes they are admittedly stuck with the worst of both worlds ... GO TO FEATURE


"Cherry" best foreign film

NEW YORK, Jan 4, 1998 (CNN) -- "Out of Sight" might be out of theaters, but it's not out of the minds of the National Society of Film Critics. The group on Sunday picked the George Clooney movie as the year's best.

The film's director, Steven Soderbergh, beat Terrence Malick ("The Thin Red Line") and Steven Spielberg ("Saving Private Ryan") for best director honors.

The society, made up of 51 movie critics, also honored "The Thin Red Line" with best cinematography honors and named "Taste of Cherry," an Iranian film, the year's best foreign language film.

Forwarded by Payman Arabshahi

* In dialogue with Kiarostami
* "Taste of Cherry" official site


Lost couple found in plane wreck
Family searching for a support group

Mohammad Darvishian 38, and his fiancee, Maryam Alipour, 29, were found Saturday December 20,. 1998 in the wreckage of their Cessna 172 by a hunter in the woods of Macclenny, Floriday. Mohammad and Maryam had left Manassas, Virginia on June 23 to visit Mohammad's brother, Ali, down in Pompano Beach, Florida.

They never arrived, and the family last traced them to refueling at Statesboro, Ga on that same day. The families were frantically searching for six months never knowing what had happened to them. The plane had apparently had gone down in an area where there were very heavy fires first clipping the trees, losing a wing and then hitting the ground upside down. Authorities believe they were both killed instantly but cannot do a complete autopsy because only their skeletons remained. The mystery finally came to a closure when a hunter's dog found a piece of the wreckage.

Mohammad was a well-liked man who had just brought Maryam over from Iran to begin a new life in this country. She had only been here two months. Mohammad was one of five brothers all living in the Washington, D.C. area. They were all very close, and the mother is extremely depressed at the present time.

Do you know of any support groups of Iranian woman who have had such a tragedy happen in their life that she can converse with? I am her daughter-in-law and have had such a tragedy happen in my family but still have a very difficult time trying to help her. If you know of any such support group, please email me back at

Thank you very much.

Kathy Darvishian

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* U.S. ambassador? So what?

Morteza Beheshti writes: Why is Mr. Nemazee's appointment [as U.S. ambassador to Argentina] a worthy of newsflash? Perhaps because Mr. Nemazee's name is Iranian? What has he done for Iran and the Iranian community that makes him different than let say other U.S. ambassadors? I guess he is just as Iranian as my grandfather, who was born and raised in Dezful, is American.

* Politics: Lecture on Amir Entezam, Virginia

"The Amir Entezam File": A presentation by human rights activist Dr. Ramin Ahmadi, on Sunday, January 10, 1999 from 4:30 to 7:00 PM at 2300 Pimmit Drive Idylwood Building-West Falls Church, Virginia 22043.

Sponsored by the National Front of Iran, Washington, DC

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Journey to Persia

Jean Chardin's Portrait of a Seventeenth-Century Empire

'Isfahan is half the world' was the proud boast of the seventeenth-century capital of Persia. One of the travellers attracted to Persia was Jean Chardin, a young French jeweller who spent most of his time in Isfahan. During this time, he became intimate with the city; he was invited into people's houses and entertained; he visited gardens and participated in hunts; his knowledge of court affairs was extensive, and he travelled many miles, visiting other towns and villages during Safavid Iran.

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Low participation mars first Iranian local polls

TEHRAN, Jan 4 (Reuters) - More than 325,000 candidates have applied to run in Iran's first local elections, but low participation in the countryside and among women threatens to undermine the democratic experiment, Iranian analysts said. Interior ministry officials told state television on Monday 327,000 candidates had signed up by the deadline on Sunday to run in the February 26 polls to about 200,000 seats on city, town and village councils ... FULL TEXT

BBC Persian

BBC extends Persian service

The BBC Persian Service has extended its morning news program to one hour. For the time being the live broadcast online only includes the first half hour which can be heard at:

2:30-3:00 am GMT
9:30-10:00 pm
6:30-7:00 pm

Hardline weekly banned

TEHRAN, Jan 4 (Reuters) - An Iranian court on Monday banned a hardline magazine for insulting a late senior Moslem cleric, and a tabloid which printed pictures of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Iran's news agency IRNA reported. It quoted senior Culture Ministry official Issa Saharkhiz as saying the special press court had issued the ban against the leading hardline weekly Shalamcheh for accusing the clergyman of having had ties to the secret police under Iran's late ruler Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was deposed by the 1979 Islamic revolution ... FULL TEXT

Writers can organize - Mohajerani

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Writers have a right to set up an association, says Culture Minister Ataollah Mohajerani ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran official says euro to ease dollar domination

TEHRAN, Dec 31 (Reuters) - A senior Iranian banking official on Thursday welcomed the upcoming introduction of the euro, saying it would curb the global domination of the U.S. dollar, Iran's state television reported. ``The circulation of the European currency will decrease the domination of the dollar on the economy of world countries, including Iran,'' the television quotes Nowrouz Kohzadi, head of the state Export Promotion Bank, as saying ... FULL TEXT

Iran: Best scorerer

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Iran is ranked No. 1 in the world in average goals scored in international matches ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Piruz 4 - Pass 0

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - Piruzi wins big in an exciting match against Pass. Piruzi now moves to 4th in the league and Pass drops to 7th ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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I have started a new mailing list called "Ascent." The aim is to address humanitarian issues on the verge of the 21st century. I am trying to promote it and attract members. Email me at

Camelia Akbari

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Exiles, whether Iranians or others living in the U.S., never quite unpack their suitcases; at least one bag remains packed and always ready for travel in case the opportunity to return to the homeland presents itself.

Haleh Vaziri
"Immigrants or exiles?"
The Iranian
January 4, 1999

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