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Jan 4-8, 1999 / Dey 14-18, 1377


* Abadan:
- I can feel the sunshine
- Braim, Alfee, Annex, and, and, and...


* Persian Gulf:
- Not the Arabian OR Persian Gulf

- Tehran to Tel Aviv
* Music:
- Success speaks for itself
* Free speech:
- Democratic bullies
* Iranian-American:
- U.S. ambassador? So what?

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January 8, 1999

* I can feel the sunshine

What a lovely dream ["Abadan: Back home"]! Whether a dream or just fantacizing, it is very powerful. The power comes from your strong and sincere feeling about your town.

I went to Abadan once. That was 23 years ago and it is still with me. I can feel what you say. I can feel the sunshine in that picture of Maydan-e Alfi and the world that went passed us which we miss. Those were the days.

Mehdi Jami

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* Braim, Alfee, Annex, and, and, and...

I particularly liked your Abadan section. You see, my uncles used to live in Abadan and Khorramshahr. One of my uncles owned Sina pharmacy on Amiri Street next to an alley where there was a local merchant named Namakee (anyone remembers?).

My uncle's name is Dr Hossein Taghaddos. We traveled many times to Abadan and Khorramshahr (I am from Ahvaz), and I remember Braim, Alfee, Annex, and, and, and...

I could totally relate to those pictures of birthdays as I have similar ones from the same era taken in Ahvaz.

Ron Mogadas

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January 7, 1999

* Not the Arabian OR Persian Gulf

Everybody should, from now on, use the proper word for that body of water between Iran and its southern Arab neighbors - not the 'Arabian' Gulf, not the British favorite, 'the Gulf', and not the 'Persian Gulf' either. Rather, we should all remember whose Gulf it is, and has been, for some years now, and call it by its rightful owners' name: the American Gulf ["Save the Squirrels Society"].

The Americans are quite smart - they don't worry about the name of a place, as long as they own it, as long as they control and inspect and monitor all navigation through it, as long as they station their aircraft carriers and naval flotilla in it, and occasionally launch missiles from it (even if by accident some of these flying messengers of peace, land in Khorramshahr, or hit a passenger jet, for example) and as long as they pollute its waters, and go wherever they wish, and do whatever they want.

In short, they are treating it like home, like Chesepeake Bay; so why not give them some credit for using our collective weakness, and traveling all the way from half way around the world, to settle in a peace of real estate, over whose name we have been arguing since time immemorial, while they and the rest of the 'first' world, have been 'advancing', and keeping us in the category of 'developing' countries, that for some reason, never 'develop'.

It is their Gulf, and if we want it to be the 'Persian' Gulf, we have to do more than shout, and learn a lesson from them.

Ali Nikseresht

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* Tehran to Tel Aviv

I don't understand why some people don't see the importance of the Persian Gulf; they say we have more important things to worry about ["Save the Squirrels Society"].

No one says the killings in Iran should not be stopped but the Persian Gulf is important too. Otherwise they will soon start calling Tehran, Tel Aviv and Bandar Abbass, Port of Arabia.

Bagher R Harandi

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January 6, 1999

* Success speaks for itself

this is in response to the thursday, december 17 letter with respect to the piece which was written about us in and later displayed in the pages of the letter, titled 'deep crap', was unbelievably negative in tone. we get press clips sent/e-mailed to us everyday. some are less insightful than others. we refrain from responding to them directly. but none have been as humorous and ignorant as this recent comment so we just couldn't resist...

i don't really know how informed or qualified you are about anything remotely to do with 'legitimate' music but being unpredictable and original is how we came to land a lucrative recording contract with deconstruction (UK) and arista (USA) and enjoying the fruits of our labor in the form of a highly successful and critically acclaimed remixing/producing discography. not to mention being awarded the best international DJ award at this year's muzik magazine award ceremony in london where the likes of noel gallagher (oasis) were presenting. oh, and we also run a successful record company called yoshitoshi ... FULL TEXT

Deep Dish
AKA Ali 'Dubfire' Shirazinia & Sharam Tayebi

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January 5, 1999

* Democratic bullies

I went back and re-read both "Where are the Strategic thinkers?" and "Freedom not to react." Previously, I had enjoyed reading both. Mr. Roshanravan expressed his dissatisfaction with those Iranians who had not spoken out about the recent murders in Iran. Mr. Mirfenderski's commentary made a few things crystal clear for me. Why are we waiting for intellectuals to tell us what we should do or think? Why not think for ourselves? I choose my own opinions and actions. The Iranian revolution of 1979 was supported by many intellectuals and many followed their views. Is this what they intended? Have we not learned our lesson in blindly following others? Why expect others to carry our burden? I should carry my own cross and be responsible for my own life. I liked his punchline the best: DO IT YOURSELF! Mr. Mirfenderski also reminded me what freedom and democracy is all about. We have the freedom to react or not to react ... FULL TEXT

Shahrzad Irani

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January 4, 1999

* U.S. ambassador? So what?

Why is Mr. Nemazee's appointment [as U.S. ambassador to Argentina] a worthy of newsflash? Perhaps because Mr. Nemazee's name is Iranian? What has he done for Iran and the Iranian community that makes him different than let say other U.S. ambassadors? I guess he is just as Iranian as my grandfather, who was born and raised in Dezful, is American.

Morteza Beheshti

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