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Wednesday, January 13, 1999/ Dey 23, 1377, No. 643

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Cool 16
Young artist shows great promise

Reyhaneh Jami's package arrived from London this week. She had nine photographs from a recent art project carefully placed between orange and yellow hard paper.

Reyhaneh is only 16. But it's already obvious she has the eye ... GO TO FEATURE


If you know what I mean

From a reader of The Iranian Times

I came back from Iran yesterday. I stayed two weeks. As usual, it was great to see the family and smell Iran (as polluted-dirty Tehran smells nowadays!).

MY BRIEF EYE WITNESS REPORT: Inflation is worse than ever and people (especially the government employee types) are visibly frustrated and disgruntled. You can find just about any of life's nicer things that are available in any modern society (you name it!) but all of that is affordable only to about 5-10 percent of Iranian society. The great economical divide frightens me to no end. This is certainly a recipe for a social explosion that will make the last revolution look like a UAW labor walk out!

At the same time, the politics of the ongoing power struggle are developing even more strangely. The Intelligence Ministry scandal that was revealed on January 5 has the classic signs of an attempt for a quarterback rush (if you know what I mean), possibly orchestrated by the radical clergy themselves (popular rumor/belief) who may fear that the leader Khamenei's extreme lack of popular support may have slowly become a liability for the entire establishment!


    Iranian "Rambo" kills seven drug traffickers

    TEHRAN, Jan 13 (AFP) - Seven Afghan drug traffickers were shot dead when the Iranian militiaman they were holding hostage freed himself and then gunned them down "Rambo"-style, the Qods newspaper reported Wednesday.

    The unidentified militiaman, who had been held captive by the traffickers for four days in their remote hilly hideout in Torbat-e-Heydarieh, managed to break free and turn on the Afghans.

    He shot dead seven of the 10-member gang in the battle on Tuesday while the other three managed to escape.

    The militiaman received a hero's welcome in Torbat-e-Heydarieh, a small town in Khorasan province on the Afghan border, where the bodies of the dead traffickers were put on public display.

    The local government announced it would reward the soldier's courage with a pilgrimage trip to Syria.

    Iran, especially Khorasan province, is a major transit route for drugs shipped from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Europe and the Gulf Arab states.

    The authorities have waged a high-profile effort to fight drug trafficking in recent years.


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Fighting back with cocktail molotovs

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Dear Friend,

To share my experiences of Iran with others, I have begun setting up a non-profit organization called Rediscover Iran (RI) whose goal is to create opportunities for Iranian-American youth to have direct contact with the Iranian people and their culture. This summer RI will be offering a six-week Mini-Semester Abroad in Iran where participants will engage in cultural and educational activities in addition to receiving language instruction. Some of the activities include: ... MORE DETAILS

Book of the Week

The Arrest of Hoveyda
Stories of the Iranian Revolution

By Saideh Pakravan

"Besides evoking Iran's unique atmosphere [The Arrest of Hoveyda]... proves that history can most tellingly be told when the key syllables of the word are taken as the last two: story... This book is essential for all who want to understand Iran." -- Peter Avery

"... a remarkable fiction. The author comes to political maturity in the midst of the absurd and tragic events leading up to the overthrow of the Pahlavi monarchy, the murder of her father, and the consolidation of the power of Ayatollah Khomeini." -- Marvin Zonis

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MPs demand apology from state television

Jan 13 (BBC) - Nearly one third of the deputies in the Iranian parliament have called on the management of the state-run Iranian television to apologise to the people and the President for airing a programme connected to the recent killings ... FULL TEXT ... ALSO SEE IRNA REPORT:

Khatami to visit to France sometime after Noruz

TEHRAN, Jan 13 (AFP) - Iranian President Mohammad Khatami will pay a ground-breaking visit to France sometime after the Iranian new year in March, although the date has not yet been set, the foreign ministry said Wednesday. The ministry, quoted by the official Iranian news agency, said the visit is "on the agenda" but will not take place before the Iranian new year which will start March 21 ... FULL TEXT

Iran, Britain to exchange ambassadors soon: paper

TEHRAN, Jan 13 (AFP) - Iran and Britain are to upgrade their diplomatic relations to ambassadorial level following their agreement over the British writer Salman Rushdie, a newspaper here reported Wednesday. The English-language Iran News, which is considered close to Iran's foreign ministry, said the two countries would promote their respective charges d'affaires Nicholas Browne and Gholamreza Ansari to ambassadors ... FULL TEXT

Health concerns over lack of women's physical activities

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Lack of sports and physical activities is causing health concerns young women. Major feature in Hamshahri ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Historic bath to be preserved

Tehran (Hamshahri) - The historic Sheikh Bahai public bath in Isfahan has been registered as a national monument and will come under the preservation activities of the Cultural Heritage Foundation ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

"Waiting for Godot"

Tehran (Hamshahri) - "Waiting for Godot" -- Samuel Beckett's classic play -- is now playing in Tehran, but Hamshahri's review is not favorable. The Persian translation of the text is well done - the play itself is not ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran vs. Egypt

Tehran (Iran) - Iran and Egypt's national soccer teams, Asia and Africa's reigning champions, will hold official "inter-continental" matches in Tehran and Cairo this year ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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From Simian Habibian's "1001 Persian-English Proverbs"

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