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Friday, January 15, 1999/ Dey 24, 1377, No. 645

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    Vahshi Bafqi


No thanks
Changing Persian script would be harmful

Saba Ghadrboland

    Not only did the [Arab/Islamic] invasions bring a change in [the Persian] script, but also added some Arabic words and structures (especially in the singular-plural distinction of nouns) to modern Persian. These historical facts do not constitute solid reasoning to change the alphabet. While these advocates of a Latin script claim to reject a script brought by foreigners, they invite that of another group just as foreign. The purge of one foreign element and the acceptance of another, such as a script imported from Europe, is not an accurate removal of that which is foreign. ... GO TO FEATURE


Little fanfare on 20th anniversary of shah's flight from Iran

By Scheherezade Faramarzi

Jan 15, 1999, CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Iran's imperial flag flutters rather unmajestically next to the white-marbled tomb of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

The lonely resting place of the shah of shahs - or king of kings - stands in stark contrast to the grandeur he knew during his rule over Iran, which ended 20 years ago Saturday ... FULL TEXT


* Mohammad Reza Shah's last will and testament (for text, click here)
Read by Farah Pahlavi, shortly after her husband's death in Cairo. This audio is on the site and you need TrueSpeech to hear it.


    Are you my man?

    From ParsPage's Heart to Heart section:

    Hamideh writes: A 35-year-old teacher with interests in romantic relationships would like to meet someone romantic and handsome between 18-40. Well, here we go. I'm sure you have been looking for me from the time you imagined to have a beatiful and romantic woman like me to date. I'm so sorry to know that, but forget the past, past is past, past has gone, hell with past. Now, I'm available, but, are you my man? Let we see!

    Do you really claim that you are a proud typical Iranian man, romantic, handsome, tall, healty, muscular, educated, married, want to have secret romance, promise to keep it that way? Do you really understand my situation? I'm not happy with the man I married (white, Canadian and rich). We have to stick to our marriage without sexual contact. He is dating other Iranian women, so, I decided to get out of closet and get a very strong Iranian man who accepts to promise to keep our relationshi p a secret. A real secret.

    You got to prove it to me that your relationship with your wife is more or less like mine. I guess, if we agree, later on, we will find similar people, like us. I don't care about your future with her, have kids and stick together, what I care is sometime share with me. That's all, no questions asked. I want to date you time to time and share our happiness, no sorrow should rise. Mutual resect and love. Iranian style, the one that I'm missing and lagging.

    Future? you never know what god has planned for us, right? So, if you are serious and you mean it, come on, do something big you deserve. I'm sure, I deserved your love, so, give it to me, please. I love to trust you,what ever you do, where ever you go, go, as I said, no questions asked. Just keep our secret and wait for better. So, go ahead and make my day. I love you.


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Shah & family leave Iran

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* The good guys & the bad guys

Nariman Neyshapouri writes: I want to commend Ali Nikseresht's letter, "Not the Arabian OR Persian Gulf." It's about time someone brought this issue to the surface. I don't want to reiterate his points here, but here in America you have a media and an entertainment industry that's quick to point out who the good guys and the bad guys are. America and its military, of course, are the good guys. And everyone who hasn't yet made peace with Israel is the bad guy...

I am an Iranian who has grown up in America all my life, but I'm not stupid. All you need to do is to get your information from the right sources and keep your eyes and ears open to know what's going on in the world; and then and only then will it emerge who the good and bad guys really are ... FULL TEXT

* Travel: Contact beteween Iranian-American and Iranian youth

Dear Friend,

To share my experiences of Iran with others, I have begun setting up a non-profit organization called Rediscover Iran (RI) whose goal is to create opportunities for Iranian-American youth to have direct contact with the Iranian people and their culture. This summer RI will be offering a six-week Mini-Semester Abroad in Iran where participants will engage in cultural and educational activities in addition to receiving language instruction. Some of the activities include: ... MORE DETAILS

Book of the Week

The Arrest of Hoveyda
Stories of the Iranian Revolution

By Saideh Pakravan

"Besides evoking Iran's unique atmosphere [The Arrest of Hoveyda]... proves that history can most tellingly be told when the key syllables of the word are taken as the last two: story... This book is essential for all who want to understand Iran." -- Peter Avery

"... a remarkable fiction. The author comes to political maturity in the midst of the absurd and tragic events leading up to the overthrow of the Pahlavi monarchy, the murder of her father, and the consolidation of the power of Ayatollah Khomeini." -- Marvin Zonis

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Rafsanjani appeals for factional truce in Iran after dissident murders

TEHRAN, Jan 15 (AFP) - Former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani pleaded with rival political factions on Friday to call a truce in their bitter quarrel over a recent spate of dissident murders. "None of you will benefit from this dispute. Our being at each other's throats has pleased the enemy and prompted them to raise questions about our regime and the (1979 Islamic) revolution," Rafsanjani said in a sermon at weekly Moslem prayers at Tehran University ... FULL TEXT

Isfahan's Friday Prayers leader fails to deliver sermon

Isfahan, jan. 15, IRNA 0 - friday prayers were not held in this historical city on friday due to spate of commotions developing among a number of worshipers against friday prayers of the city, ayatollah jalaleddin taheri and governor general of the province ja'far mousavi ... FULL TEXT

Iran oil opening slowed by wider reforms

LONDON, Jan 15 (Reuters) - Iran's drive for foreign energy investment has become mired in wider reforms that may delay big-ticket deals for months or years, oil executives say. Iranian negotiators running the biggest oil tender since the 1979 revolution have found themselves on a roller-coaster ride of economic change driven by shifting political forces. One victim could be a campaign to land one or two morale-boosting showpiece agreements with Western majors by the end of the Iranian year on March 20 ... FULL TEXT

Rafsanjani calls for up to 50 pct oil output cut

TEHRAN, Jan 15 (Reuters) - Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Friday called on oil producers to cut output by up to 50 percent to boost weak oil prices. ``We must cut production by a certain amount until demand outweighs supply. This amount could be 20 percent, 30 percent or 50 percent,'' Rafsanjani, who now heads a top state body, said in a Friday prayer sermon broadcast on Tehran radio ... FULL TEXT

U.S., Russia trade gibes over Iran

January 15, 1999 (The Washington Post) - Relations between the United States and Russia have gotten off to a rocky start this year, as for the second straight day officials here harshly criticized Washington for taking Moscow to task over arms proliferation issues. In the latest instance, the Kremlin reacted testily ... FULL TEXT

Tehran-Karaj intercity train ready

Tehran (Hamshahri) - The intercity electric train between Tehran and Kataj (part of the Tehran metro project) will be inaugurated next month and begin official operation in March. In the first phase there will be three train services between 11 am and 2 pm ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Interview with Abedzadeh

Tehran (Iran) - In his first major interview after being fdropped from the national team, goalie Ahmadreza Abedzadeh talks of joys and pains ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

27 players invited to Omid team

Tehran (Iran) - In preparation for the 2000 Olympics in Sydny and the upcoming international matches in Vietnam, 27 players have been called to join the youth national team (Omid) training camp ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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