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Thursday, January 21, 1999/ Bahman 1, 1377, No. 649

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World Cup 98

    So lucky
    ... to have seen Our Boys play in World Cup 98

    By xAle

    I can hardly contain my joy! It has been a few months since I returned home from a trip to France to see Our Boys play. My pictures have been developed, thank-you letters have been posted and I have shared the details of my trip with friends many times.Yet, each time as I talk about my experiences, my feeling of pride and joy brings tears of happiness to my eyes. (Read about FIFA award)

    So lucky to have had a chance to see Our Boys play a friendly match with a local team in Yssingeaux. To be so close as to hear them call out their next move, to see their faces light up to find a group of Iranian fans calling out their names.

    So lucky to be able to ask them for pictures and to see them come over with smiles and appreciation. To answer questions warmly and oblige requests for signatures so graciously.

    So lucky to have had a chance to get so close and to talk to so many of them individually and to hear their plans for the World Cup games. To see their handsome faces full of smiles when I told them how cute they are! ... GO TO FEATURE


Tehran police use force to disperse opposition rally

TEHRAN, Jan 21 (AFP) - Tehran police forcibly dispersed thousands of people commemorating the anniversary Thursday of the death of former prime minister and Islamic liberal opposition leader Mehdi Bazargan.

Police intervened at the end of a ceremony at Hosseinieh-Ershad mosque in northern Tehran after 10,000 people poured into the streets and shouted slogans in support of President Mohammad Khatami and against his conservative opponents.

"Death to despotism ... freedom, security, these are our slogans ... Khatami, we support you," shouted the crowd, made up mostly of young people ... FULL TEXT

Also see... Bazargan's autobiography


When they were shiny & new

Here are some pictures: The F-5F is a Northrop two-seat trainer version of the F-5E. The F-14a Tomcat is made by Grumman and we did have around 80 of them in Iran. The name you see on the aircraft are IIAF (Imperial Iranian Air Force). The Bell helicopter is an AH-J Cobra with TOW missiles. The IIAA is Imperial Iranian Army Aviation.

I would be grateful if anyone had any pictures of Chinook helicopters (we have them too, made by Augusta/Italy), Lockheed C-130Cs or F-4 II Phantoms which are in the service of the Iranian air force.



    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Ayatollah Taleqani

    - Photo
    First Friday Prayers sermon after the 1979 revolution, speaking about allowing the opposition into the Assembly of Experts to draft the new constitution.

More Letters

* Royal fake

S. Zahedi writes: The travel diary excerpts posted on your web site courtesy of Par magazine is a fake ["Qebleye Alam"]! I believe both The Iranian and Par owe it to their readers to separate fiction from non-fiction, specially when it comes to historical events.

I have to give it to Par though, for the piece seemed quite authentic. But anybody with a slight knowledge of that era would immediately discern its ficticious nature.

NOTE: Since publishing this piece last week, we have learend through the editor of Par that indeed the true author is Mr. Jalaleldin Khaleqi and not his Royal Highness. Mr. Khaleqi's name was noted as the author in Par's index, but not above the article itself.

* Film: "Children of Heaven" in U.S.

Majid Majidi's "Children of Heaven" opens January 22 in select theatres across the U.S. A video clip in Quicktime or AVI is available for download at the Miramax site: //

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

Book of the Week

The Tragedy of Sohrab and Rostam
From the Persian National Epic, the Shahname of Ferdowsi

By Jerome W. Clinton (Translator)

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Foruhar killers used film ploy to enter home

TEHRAN, Jan 21 (AFP) - The murderers of Iranian dissident Daryush Foruhar and his wife killed the couple after entering their home on the pretext of making a film, a judicial official was quoted as saying on Thursday. Mohammad Niazi, a prosecutor with a military court investigating the case, also said that someone close to Foruhar, probably a member of his secular nationalist party, accompanied the killers ... FULL TEXT

"Murderers confess" to recent crimes

Tehran (Iran) - Military prosecutor Hojatoleslam Mohammad Niazi has detailed what he says are confessions from alleged killers of dissidents ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

U.S. moving toward looser sanctions on Iran

Prague, 20 January 1999 (RFE/RL) -- The following is an RFE/RL interview with Ambassador Robert H. Pelletreau, former U.S. assistant secretary of state for Near-Eastern Affairs under President Bill Clinton and now a lawyer and an advocate for improving U.S.-Iran relations. Our correspondent asked Ambassador Pelletreau to speculate on the likely direction U.S. trade sanctions on Iran will take in the months ahead ... FULL TEXT

Iran blasts US sanctions on Russia

TEHRAN, Jan 21 (Reuters) - Iran slammed as ``gross interference'' sanctions imposed by the United States against three Russian institutes over their ties with Tehran, newspapers reported on Thursday. ``The ... propaganda campaign launched by the United States is aimed at damaging relations between Iran and Russia,'' said Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi, quoted by the daily Iran News ... FULL TEXT

FIFA fair play award to Iran, the US, and Northern Ireland

Zurich, 20 January 1999, (FIFA) - The FIFA Fair Play Prize for 1998 has been awarded jointly to the national associations of Iran, the United States and Northern Ireland. FIFA President Sepp Blatter said the joint award was proof of football's role as a mediating force. "In the middle of the World Cup, the Iranians and Americans provided a powerful demonstration of the effects of fair play when they not only joined in the spirit of FIFA's Fair Play Day on 21 June by posing together for the photographers before their match in Lyon, but also exchanged flowers and gifts among the players," said Blatter ... FULL TEXT... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Mahdavi-Kia signs 2 million mark deal with German team

Tehran (Iran) - National soccer star Mehdi Mahdavi-Kia has signed a deal worth 2 million marks to play for a German team ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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Reports coming in indicated some irregularity in holding the ceremony mainly by those who [were] stranded outside the mosque.

IRNA report
Mehdi Bazargan's commemoration ceremony
January 21, 1999

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Iran v. U.S., Wolrd Cup'98

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