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Jan 18-22, 1999 / Dey 28 - Bahman 2, 1377


* Book:
- Not Without My Daughter II


* Naseredin Shah:
- Royal fake
* Crisis:
- One thumb up
* Economy:
- Lengesh kon
* Teaching:
- Stupid, disgusting

* TV:
- JAG star speaks Farsi?
* Women:
- My vicotry

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January 22, 1999

* Not Without My Daughter II

It seems like the pictures you choose for the cover of The Iranian ["Two-colored lollipop"] do not necessarily tell something about your favors for or against the subject of the picture, but they have more to do with being somehow related to Iran.

Therefore, let me suggest that you have a photo of Betty Mahmoody ready for the next cover; I think she, too, has once written something about Iran.

Ataollah Togha

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January 21, 1999

* Royal fake

The travel diary excerpts posted on your web site courtesy of Par magazine is a fake ["Qebleye Alam"]! I believe both The Iranian and Par owe it to their readers to separate fiction from non-fiction, specially when it comes to historical events.

I have to give it to Par though, for the piece seemed quite authentic. But anybody with a slight knowledge of that era would immediately discern its ficticious nature.

S. Zahedi

NOTE: Since publishing this piece last week, we have learend through the editor of Par that indeed the true author is Mr. Jalaleldin Khaleqi and not his Royal Highness. Mr. Khaleqi's name was noted as the author in Par's index, but not above the article itself.

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January 20, 1999

* One thumb up

Really funny! ["National crisis"] Enjoyed it . I would have said "two thumbs up" (well maybe one, gholov cheraa?) but I was afraid it might be interpreted as a Persian thumbs up! Keep up the good work.

Mohsen Pourett

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* Lengesh kon

[Regarding "Just pretend we have no oil"], it's easy to sit outside and say "lengesh kon." does this self-professing economist have a plan that would work to get the country out of its dependency on oil and into an industrial track?

Agar mardeh, why doesn't he outline a plan to achieve this jump within the confines of the current social, economic atmosphere?


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January 19, 1999

* Stupid, disgusting

Tell Hamid Taghavi that his "The Sub Man" was by far the stupidest, most wasteful, useless, and disgusting piece of writing (if you can call it that) I've ever read. The attempt to stereotype the school kids, asking foolish questions and making useless (unfunny) remarks..... Really!! You ought to have better writers than that.

A Persian-American Math Teacher
Hamid Tadjvar

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* JAG star speaks Farsi?

I just read Armin Alaemani's article entitled, "JAGged," and I am not very sure if Catherine Bell can really speak Farsi. My father first pointed out that "the pretty woman on that JAG show was actually speaking Farsi last night!"

I finally got to see a rerun of the show. However, I noticed that everytime Ms. Bell spoke Farsi, her voice sounded completely different - as if someone was dubbing her lines and she was lip synching. I hope this was just my imagination, because I think it would be awesome to have a few role models on TV with Iranian backgrounds - especially one who is as beautiful as Ms. Bell ;-)

Mehrdad Modjtahedi

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January 18, 1999

* My vicotry

I am glad that you realized that I tried to show the "domal"s of our culture without hiding behind symbols ["In the Ring"]. You are absolutely right; almost in all situations concerning Iranian women, defeat is certain. But, the enlightenment of even one mind is a victory: that is my victory.

Shirindokht Radi

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