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Thursday, November 5, 1998 / Aban 14, 1377, No. 599

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Iranians start own probe of Gothenburg disco blaze

STOCKHOLM, Nov 4 (AFP) - A group of Iranians have launched their own probe into last week's tragic dance hall fire in Gothenburg that killed 63 people and injured 162, the daily Svenska Dagbladet newspaper reported Wednesday.

The group wants to gather information about the tragedy from survivors, media and other witnesses, to determine what caused the fire.

Most of those who perished are of Iranian, Iraqi, Yugoslav, Ethiopian or Latin American origin.

"We are not saying we don't trust the Swedish authorities," Saied Taghavi, spokesperson of the Iranian Association in Sweden, told the daily.

"But the investigations following the Estonia sinking and the Palme murder have proved private initiatives may be useful."

The February 1986 murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in Stockholm has yet to be solved by police.

The final report of the Estonia sinking, in which 852 people died in September 1994, was only completed early this year, nearly four years after the accident.

Swedish police expressed strong disapproval of the private Iranian investigation, saying it could hamper the official probe.

"If we find any interesting information, we would of course immediately give it to the police," said Kavos Aryomand, a member of the Iranian group.

He added that the group would not present any conclusions before the official investigation was completed.An incredible film.


Please hurry!

Forwarded by Ben Bagheri

Please distribute this to everyone you know (on Earth, that is).

When John Glenn returns from space, everybody dress in ape suits. We have 4 days in which to bury the Statue of Liberty up to her head.

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* Laughed and cried

"Disney Fan" writes: I enjoyed your "War, Iranian style" strory very much! As an American with many Persian friends, I never understood the ritual until I read your story. I laughed till I cried and now am fully able to participate in the war game. Very good work indeed!

* Ta'rof is a Tehrani thing

Reebaha writes: This ta'rof business is used a lot by Tehranis ["War, Iranian style"]. I grew up in Khuzestan, although we are known for khoongarmi and mehman-navazi, this ta'rof business was not an issue at the same level as Tehranis. Don't get me wrong but not every Iranian is from Tehran, although it seems that way with a lot of Iranians overseas. Suddenly everyone is bache Tehroon -- but it's not true! So I suggest your byline should say, "By A Tehrani."

* Lecture: Influence of other cultures on Iranains

The Society of Iranian American Professionals (SIP) invites you to attend a free Seminar presented by Mrs. Golestaneh, on "A General View on the Influence of Other Countries on the Iranian Culture and Civilization." This free seminar will be held at:

Location: Collin County Community College, Room C-104 2800 E. Spring Creek PKWY, East of FWY 75 First right E. of Jupiter in Plano, Texas (northern suburb of Dallas).

Date: Saturday, Nov. 7 at 7:30 p.m.

For more information, please contact (972) 380-8898. Looking forward to your attendance.

Mehdi Azari

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By Najmieh Khalili Batmanglij

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Iran's first private news agency gets licence

TEHRAN, Nov 5 (Reuters) - The Iranian government has granted a licence for the country's first private news agency, Iranian television said on Thursday. Fars News Agency, named after a province which was a cradle of Iranian civilisation, will be launched by next March, the television quoted the agency's head as saying... FULL TEXT

Khodadad Azizi eliminated from national team?

Tehran, (HAMSHAHRI) - The man who took Iran to its first World Cup soccer games in 20 years with a last minute goal against Australia has apparently been left out of the new national team lineup ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Iran to sell draft exemptions for $1,700 and up

TEHRAN, Nov 4 (Reuters) - Iran has put a price tag on mandatory military service, allowing young men to buy their way out of a 21-month hitch in the army for $1,700 and up. Under rules approved by the government, exemption fees ranged from 11.5 million rials ($3,800 at the official exchange rate) for those without high school degrees to about three times that for doctorate holders, the daily Resalat said on Wednesday... FULL TEXT

U.N. investigator ``horrified'' by Taleban violations

UNITED NATIONS, Nov 5 (Reuters) - A U.N. human rights investigator said on Thursday he was ``horrified'' by the latest reports from Afghanistan, where thousands of people were said to have been killed when Taleban forces captured the areas of Mazar-i-Sharif and Bamiyan. ``The scale of violations in Afghanistan and suffering of the civilian population warrants the urgent attention of the world community,'' said Choong-Hyun Paik of South Korea, a special rapporteur for the U.N. Human Rights Commission ... FULL TEXT

U.S. govt rejects Iran oil deal, signals tough stance

WASHINGTON, Nov 5 (Reuters) - The U.S. government has rejected one of two requests it was considering from American companies looking for permission to do oil-swap deals with Iran. The rejection -- together with remarks earlier this week by President Clinton's advisor on Caspian energy policy in which he said such oil-swap deals might detour oil from the U.S.'s preferred trade route via Azerbaijan and Turkey -- suggests the administration's policy is still firmly against allowing U.S. companies to deal with Iran ... FULL TEXT

Books in Iran

Tehran, (HAMSHAHRI) - Weekly report on latest published books ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Tajik pianist on Iran

Tehran, (HAMSHAHRI) - Tajik pianist Delbar Hakimova speaks about her life in Iran as a teacher and performer ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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