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Thursday, October 8, 1998 / Mehr 16, 1377, No. 579

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    Beshno az ney...
    Badri Tarvij's cries of love, loneliness and life in exile

    There's an abundance of pain and sorrow in most of Badri Tarvij's poems which leave the reader quite distressed. But what makes them bearable, and often deeply satisfying, is her incredibly skillful but modest delivery of simple truths in beautiful verse.... GO TO FEATURE

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    Iran-U.S. relations

    Looking for books on Iran-U.S. relations? We have listed several of them which can be bought directly from If you have any suggestions on recent books on this topic, let us know and we will include them in this section. GO THERE


    dAyi Doomaad!

    I guess he wasn't kidding when he said he was madly in love. dAyi Hamid -- the self-proclaimed male chauvinist -- is now a married male chauvinist. He and his significant other (a woman, if you must know) tied the knot two weeks ago.

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    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Mousavi Khoeiniha

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David Yaghoubian writes: Your web site has some interesting features and stories, but I find myself quickly moving away from the site in disgust every time a new browser window needlessly loads. I understand you are trying to turn as many pages/advertisements as possible, but after a while it gets to be too much!

For example: is it really necessary for me to have 10 browser windows open to look through the archived Photo of The Day? Also, should already registered users really need to load three introductory pages before getting to the main page?! It's like watching a 1/2-hour TV show with 20 minutes of commercials... FULL TEXT

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* Film: Dariush Mehrjui in Columbus, Ohio

Dariush Mehrjui introduces THE PEAR TREE (1998)
Wexner Center for the Arts
Ohio State University
Sunday, Nov 15 / 2 pm
Special Admission Price: $7; $5 Wexner members, students, etc.

Immediately following his retrospective at the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York, Iranian director Dariush Mehrjui comes to the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio, to present his most recent film THE PEAR TREE, which Variety described as "a lush, golden evocation of first love."... MORE DETAILS

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U.S. doubts Iran will cross Afghan border

WASHINGTON, Oct 8 (Reuters) - The United States said on Thursday it doubted the shooting on the border between Iran and Afghanistan would lead to an Iranian incursion. Karl Inderfurth, Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs, told a Senate subcommittee he could not immediately confirm an Iranian report of border clashes. Inderfurth said: ``Our assessment at this point ... is that no Iranian military attack is imminent. Indeed it may be unlikely to take place. We believe that the exercises that have been taking place are over for time being.'' ... FULL TEXT

Iran reports border clash with Taleban

Iranian troops on exercise near the Afghan border Iran says its armed forces have clashed with the Afghan Taleban movement on the border between the two countries. A Taleban spokesman in Kandahar said the Iranian statement was a lie, and there had been no firing from the Afghan side of the border... FULL TEXT

Iran mediates for Turkey and Syria

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) - The problems between Turkey and Syria can be solved without violence, Iran's foreign minister said today after meeting with Syrian President Hafez Assad. Turkish leaders accuse Syria of sheltering Kurdish rebels, who carry out cross-border attacks into Turkey. Syria denies the accusation, and Turkey's harsh rhetoric has raised fears of a regional conflict... FULL TEXT

IHRWG Condemns Crackdown on the freedom of expression

Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG) - "We remind the authorities of the Islamic Republic that it is the basic right of all Iranians to criticize and question both their leaders and their government and to freely express their opinion on both matters. The freedom of expression becomes meaningful only when it is accorded to one's opponents as well as one's supporters..."... FULL TEXT

"Paykan" wins Basketball tournament

TEHRAN, (Hamshahri) - Tehran's "Paykan" defeated "Raah Aahan" 88-72 in the finals of a basketball tournament. Forty teams had taken part in the tournament ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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Favvaareh chon boland shavad sarnegoon shavad.

(What goes up must come down.)

From Simin Habibian's "1001 Persian-English Proverbs"

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