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Monday, October 12, 1998 / Mehr 20, 1377, No. 581

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    Cover Story

    All is calm

    The Persian Garden: Echoes of Paradise
    By Mehdi Khansari, M. Reza Moghtader, Minouch Yavari
    Mage Publishers, 1998

    From the preface by Gerard Grandval:

    An exercise in remembrance - and particularly this voyage on which we are invited, to a land of sleeping gardens - demands a kind of silence and restraint before these remarkable examples of survival. Life there seems fragile, improbable, always in question. If travelers' accounts are sometimes all that remain of once-mighty temples and cities, what traces can there be of these places that are vulnerable to the wind, the sand, erosion, drought, and the indifference of man?... GO TO FEATURE WITH IMAGES

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    Iran-U.S. relations

    Looking for books on Iran-U.S. relations? We have listed several of them which can be bought directly from If you have any suggestions on recent books on this topic, let us know and we will include them in this section. GO THERE


    Warm thoughts

    I'm somewhere in London right now trying to keep warm. Yaad-e Abadan beh kheyr.


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    Soldier with a bit of rice


* Magnificent article

Amir writes: I'd like to congratulate Ms Khalili for her magnificent article analyzing the elements of racism, xenophoebia, and ethnocentrism in Iranian culture ["Forgiving Salm and Tur"]. Keep them coming, Laleh!

* Tell us more

Massey alamdari writes: [Regarding Manoucher Yektai:] Please tell us more about this wonderful Iranian painter .

* Film: Dariush Mehrjui in Columbus, Ohio
* Play: Berkeley play based on Hedayat's story
* Politics Iranian American Republican fundraising, San Diego

* Mehregan: In Washington
* Course: Introduction to Hafez, in Virginia

* Conference: Dialogue of Civilizations ?
* Conference: Challenges for Iranians abroad, Indianapolis

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From the heart

Aancheh dar del ast beh zabaan meeaayad.

What the heart thinks the tongue speaks

From Simin Habibian's "1001 Persian-English Proverbs"

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