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Thursday, October 15, 1998 / Mehr 23, 1377, No. 584

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    xAle's Corner

    First snow

    ... The little girl in me gave into temptation and I began to run around in the snow that was by then about three or four inches deep. I rolled, I slid, I fell, and I sat in the middle looking up at the sky and trees. I ran from one end of the court yard to the other and then stopped suddenly to pick up a handful of snow and throw it in the air. Years of wonderment and anticipation; years of waiting and wondering had finally ended and I was fully enjoying every flake of snow, body and soul.

    I had no idea how long I was sitting around enjoying the beauty around me when one of the school janitors called my name and told me that the Dean wants to see me in his office on the 4th floor right away. I started to think about why he wanted to see me. He was a very knowledgeable person but somewhat cold and old fashioned when dealing with students. Nervous and cold, I rushed to his office shivering, thinking about what could I have done wrong to be called into his office... GO TO FEATURE

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    Iran-U.S. relations

    Looking for books on Iran-U.S. relations? We have listed several of them which can be bought directly from If you have any suggestions on recent books on this topic, let us know and we will include them in this section. GO THERE


    Iranian director

    "Somewhere in the City"
    1 hour 33 minutes

    Directed by Ramin Niami

    Synopsis: A cast of colorful characters interact in this slice of life comedy depicting New York City's Lower East Side. Sandra Bernhard is an introverted therapist trapped in an eccentric apartment complex. Her building mates include a Chinese immigrant, a leftist radical, and a conniving neighbor engaged in a disastrous affair with their landlady.

    Genre: Comedy
    Rating: No Rating
    Cast: Sandra Bernhard, Bai Ling, Ornella Muti, Robert John Burke and Peter Stormare
    Credits: Written by Patrick Dillon and Ramin Niami.
    Produced by: Ramin Niami and Karen Robson. Released by Sideshow Inc.

    Theatrical Release Date: September 18, 1998 - exclusive New York engagement

    Thanks to Ramin Tabib


    Revolution: 1979-1999

    People with guns on the streets of Tehran


* Islamic school ad unjustified

J.N. writes: I was rather disappointed to see the segregated Islamic school of New York advertised in your paper. How can one justify that, having seen so many people of one's country displaced by such an ideology which tends to be -- in its public and political form -- very destructive .

Those poets and writers whose words you use in your journal such as Kasraei and Parsipour deserve better and more support than the said school and its supporters . The existence of one has today led to the destruction of the other .

* Film: Dariush Mehrjui in Columbus, Ohio
* Play: Berkeley play based on Hedayat's story
* Politics Iranian American Republican fundraising, San Diego

* Mehregan: In Washington
* Course: Introduction to Hafez, in Virginia

* Conference: Dialogue of Civilizations ?
* Conference: Challenges for Iranians abroad, Indianapolis

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After a scrumptious lunch, we walked back to school. Snow was falling faster and fluffier than before and by now Mashhad's tree-lined streets had taken completely a now look. It seemed that someone had picked up a magic feather duster and brushed every leaf, twig, branch, and stem with a layer of shiny white gold.

"First snow"
The Iranian
Oct 15, 1998

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