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Friday, September 11, 1998 / Shahrivar 20, 1377, No. 561

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    Afghan survey: No to war

    Iran should not take military action against Afghanistan's Taleban forces, the majority of those who responded to a survey on the current conflict between Iran and Afghanistan said.

    Initial results from the majority of respondents so far show 62 percent of believe Iran should not go to war to revenge the killing of its diplomats by the Taleban forces, rather it should "begin diplomatic initiatives to ensure the killers are punished and gain the release of Iranians held prisoner."

    But nearly 26 percent said Iran should carry out limited miliatry action. Less than 9 percent said Iran should go to war.

    Also nearly 60 percent of the respondents believe Iran should increase its support to Afghan forces opposing the Taleban and 52 percent believe Iran should "intervene to protect Afghan civilians belonging to the Shi'ite minority in Afghanistan if the Taleban forces carry out further massacres."

    The survey was sent to more than 8,900 members of The Iranian Times mailing list. These results are based on 151 responses... SEE STAT DETAILS


    Juergen Schimmelpfennig of the Hamburg Women Waterpolo team writes:

    We're looking for interested women waterpolo teams which would like to come to our international waterpolo tournament organized on short-notice on the weekend of 24./25 October 1998 in Hamburg, Grmany.

    Our team is playing in Germany's first devision. If there is an equivalent team in Iran, and it is possible for them to come to Hamburg on such short notice, we would be very glad to welcome them as our guests on this weekend.

    If you send "YES" to the invitation, we will send you more details about the tournament.

    Best regards
    Juergen Schimmelpfennig
    ETV Hamburg Women Waterpolo
    Telephone Germany 1724550577 or 406523871


    Revolution: 1979-1999

     Farah's wedding day

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* The past is still in me

Reza Mirkhani writes:Galina Minou Aghamiri writes: I would like to thank Laleh Khalili for a beautifully written diatribe against war ["We don't need this"]. However, I take exception as a citizen of the world when she says that we should not speak out against the brand of "Islam" as practiced by the Taleban. I don't like hypocrisy and I trust others to see it when I do, but I see irony as a lesson, and when the Iranian government speaks out against the Taleban I believe there are many lessons in the making.

The people of Iran have a tremendous gift to share with the outside world. They have been through revolution and war while in the West we have, for the most part, experienced peace and prosperity. We have become soft to the notion of war, and cynical enough to suggest it as an economic solution. But true pacifism is a hatred of war. I would relish the irony of a country thought to only solve its problems through violence, finding a solution to the current crisis through firm diplomatic dialogue and a sense of compassion. While others use more conventional weapons, we need to remember that an eye for an eye still makes the whole world blind.... FULL TEXT

* Fellowship: Travel Fellowships for Iranian Scholars
* Stamps: Iran philately seminar, Los Angeles
* Conference: Dialogue of Civilizations?, Tehran

* Conference: Challenges for Iranians Abroad, Indianapolis"

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Iran ups pressure on Taleban over diplomats

TEHRAN, Sept 11 (Reuters) - Iran stepped up pressure on Afghanistan's Taleban militia on Friday with Revolutionary Guards vowing to avenge the killing of Iranian diplomats if those responsible were not brought to justice. The threat came as Shi'ite Moslems in the opposition-held central Afghan city of Bamiyan prepared to fight approaching forces of the purist Islamic Taleban rather than face what they say would be ethnic slaughter... FULL TEXT

UN Security Council condemns Iranian diplomat killings

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 10 (AFP) - The UN Security Council on Thursday condemned the killing in Afghanistan of nine Iranian diplomats, and called for an urgent investigation. Responding swiftly to a telephone call from Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi to council president Hans Dahlgren and a letter from the Iranian ambassador, the council members also urged "maximum restraint" by all parties. In a statement read to reporters after a closed-door briefing on the latest developments by a senior UN official, Dahlgren said the council members "condemn these heinous acts and violations of international law ... FULL TEXT

Iran #1 again after 33 years

Sept 11, 1998 - Iran won first place in world free-style wrestling championships in Tehran with 3 gold, 2 silver and one bronze medals and 63 total pionts ... FULL TEXT

Soccer coach poll favors Hejazi

Sept 6, 1998 (Community of Iranian Soccer Fans website) - As you know, there was an Iranian Coach Poll being held at the Community of Iranian Soccer Fans website in the past two weeks. 520 people from around the world participated in this poll which was on the world wide web for exactly 2 weeks, here are the rankings of the coaches: 1 - Mr. Naser Hejazi (213 votes) 41% of the votes ... FULL TEXT

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No glory

We must build our country period. We have nothing to spare, and to go to war against bandits will bring no glory to us.

Comment from a respondent to The Iranian Times survey on Afghanistan
Sept 11, 1998

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