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Gorma Saabzeh & carboza
Americans do not know what they are missing

By PaZand
June 24, 2002
The Iranian

I have had the unique opportunity of living in Iran. I must say to my reader that living in Iran was the most beautiful period of my life.

What comes to my mind when I sometimes find myself daydreaming is the smell of Persian bread baking early in the morning. I would get up extra early just to go and buy that extrodinary delicious bread. Bread with Iranian tea and cheese was a perfect breakfast.

The gardens that many of the Persian homes had were beautiful. The home that I had was sourrounded by one such garden. Flowers of many different colors blooming everywhere. The refreshing sound of the water coming from the ponds was also wonderful.

The Persian foods were and still are one of the most delicious foods in the world. All American people should once in their lives try Gorma Saabzeh! What a marvelous dish. I must also add that all Persians foods are nutritionally balanced.

The many walks and climbs in the mountain areas of Iran were also treasured. Very invigorating for the mind and spirit. I would especially enjoy talking to the villagers. It was a way of mixing the old ways with the new and respecting each.

The music of Iran was totally out of this world. I would often find myself, do not take offence but for lack of a better word, I felt drugged from the melodious sounds. So relaxing for the mind and
body. I guess in American the word therapuetic would be used. I prefer to call it spiritual.

I cannot forget the days of celeration. New Rooz was unforgettable. The pretty green grass that families grew in the homes to symbolize the freshness or the beginning of the new year. Visiting relatives and bringing sweets to the homes was also wonderful.

I could go on and on about the beauty of Iran. The handicrafts: carpets, paintings, expecially Persian miniatures. The many varities of fruits, my favorite was carboza, I enjoyed to drink it as a kind of shake. One cannot get that fruit in American. The Americans do not know what they are missing.

The one quality of Iran that I cannot forget was the people. Yes, I thought then and still think that I have not met such wonderful and generous people as the Iranians. From professors all the way to the everyday taxi driver. All were polite and extremly respectful.

It saddens me to see the rift that prevails today between American and Iran. It is my hope that we can get to know each other again as we did years before. Those who have not had the opportunity to know Iran will one day I pray have that chance.

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