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Conquering Aconcagua
Photo essay: Climbing in the Andes

By Behzad Compani
February 3, 2004

This was a three-week expedition, to the
South American Andes, consisting of 11
members. Due to the sheer altitude and
bitting cold only 3 of us, me being one of
them, reached the summit.

Outside of the Himalayas, Aconcagua at
6,962 m or 22,841 feet is the tallest mountain
in the world. We started on 16th of December,
2003 and we reached the summit on 30th
December 2003. The summit bid from last
camp was a 14 hour push, a very hard day!

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Camp 4 at 17,650 ft / 5380 m. By now we
had lost more than 50% of our expedition members.
One to intense headaches, two to pulmonary edema
(water in lungs) one to inability to breath and another
to just overall exhaustion and cold.

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