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That's what I love about Europe
Photo essay: Prince's Day royal parade in the Netherlands

Fariba Mobargheie
October 31, 2006

Every October Queen Beatrix goes to Den Haag and gives a speach to the Dutch parliament. This summer my sister and mom were visting me. A friend of mine who is a member of parliament invited my sister to join him and meet the queen. In this country you can FEEL the freedom; they are tolerant integrators in a small country with a big history. We live in small houses here, with people with big hearts. They are very clever in business and very down to earth, even the royal family. These people are easy to be with, they don't believe in cheshm va hamcheshmi or showing off, that's what I like about them.

How come we can get so close to these high-ranking people but not our Iranian ones? How come we discriminate people from other nationalities -- specially those who are in bad situations -- and don't accept them as one of us? Yet we still we talk about our great culture of hospitality... Can someone from Afghanistan get so close to our important people and feel the joy of such a visit? In these pictures you'll see people from at least 10 countries in the world, they were all invited as guests of the Dutch goverment -- that's what I love about Europe; Holland. This makes me proud to be an Iranian-Dutch citizen.

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Fariba Mobargheie


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