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April 10, 2001



Leila Farjami writes: If you enjoy poetry (in Farsi esp.), you're all welcome to view my site at // Your comments are highly invited and your input is greatly encouraged. The site includes some poems from my recently published collection of poetry, unpublished poems, and some biographical info, etc.

Women's Socio-Cultural Council

"To develop and propose the necessary policies in order to generate a favorable environment to promote the growth of the personality of women and to expedite the recovery of human value and nobility, to provide women's multilateral rights based on original Islamic criteria and develop accurate models and examples." -- Thanks to Payman Arabshahi


Farrokh Javid writes: The new issue of #4 April 2001-- is out with new features and many articles. Please visit us and give us feedback.

Beyond Iran

Museum of Depressionist Art

Some say genius borders insanity. This tongue-and-cheek collection plumbs the alter egos of the world's great "artists," exploring the motivation and circumstances behind their masterpieces. Who knew that Claude Moanet's famed "Under the Waterlilies" was a result of an argument over American Jazz?


Any new stats about Iranian-Americans? Check it out: This "just the facts, ma'am" demographic analysis offers illuminating statistics about our increasingly diverse population -- and we're not just talking about California.


Though bandwidth-intensive, this jaw-dropping exhibit of digital art from the Whitney is guaranteed to amaze and delight. Listen to the eerie strains of David Gamper's digitally processed conch-shell compositions, explore Sally Elesby's deceptively childlike "Hand to Mouse" line drawings, or gaze at Jeremy Blake's hypnotically languid animations.

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