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April 12, 2001


Dorj: "Greatest poetry site"

"Dorj Online is one of Mehr Argham current under construction projects which is the the greatest Internet site of Persian poems consists of more than 500,000 lines of poems with the ability to search."

Clandestine radio stations

"Iran has been the recipient of clandestine broadcasting funded by both the U.S. and the Soviet Union - when it was still the USSR.  Recently, however, Washington is believed to have pulled the plug, so to speak, on broadcasts.  But programs continue to eminate from Iraq, Russia, and now, Moldova, sponsored by Baghdad and the community-in-exile. " -- Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

Dastan Ensemble

"Dastan, today's foremost Persian classical music ensemble was founded by Hamid Motebassem in 1991 in Germany. The first group of performers and collaborators with Dastan included Morteza Ayan Mohammad Ali Kiani Nejad and Keyhan Kalhor." -- Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

Beyond Iran


Oh soooo cool... :-) -- Thanks to Ramin Tabib

Pictures of the Year

The Missouri School of Journalism and the National Press Photographers Association present this highly eclectic, addictive gallery of images. While the navigation is a little clunky, the photographs are sublime.

The George Ortiz Collection

This elegant image catalog documents the extraordinary treasures of George Ortiz, a passionate connoisseur and collector of art from ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and neighboring civilizations, as well as sculpture from Africa, Pre-Columbian America, and the Pacific.

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