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April 16, 2001


Imperial Iranian Air Force

Super duper! The flash animation on the opening page kicks butt! There's a lot of information on this site which may not be interesting to the general public but, nevertheless, more is always better than less. Check the photos of old air force personnel. -- Thanks to Babak Jahromi

Persian Thesaurus

"The web site now includes updated versions of over 90 categories in more than 150 pages." -- Thanks to Jamshyd Fararooy

SaebSoft / FarsiSaz

"A Powerful Tool for Programming in Persian Language (Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 Platforms)." -- Thanks to Hamid Saebnoori

Beyond Iran

Born in Slavery

Another stellar exhibit from the Library of Congress, this collection of personal narratives offers a glimpse into the dark world of the pre-emancipation South. Recorded by the Federal Writers' Project in the late 1930s, it contains original transcripts from over 2,000 interviews with ex-slaves.

Dumbest Moments in e-Business History

"eCompany Now" presents 101 choice quotes, career moves, investment choices, and business philosophies that led to richly deserved pain and heartbreak.

Bjork Remix Web

Bjork, the Icelandic diva, has spent most of her life creating experimental, danceable music. She had early success with the off-kilter Sugarcubes, but really found her niche after going solo and churning out freewheeling, playful, sometimes theatrical, and always exuburant dance music.

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