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April 17, 2001



One of the best magazines in Iran. The current issue has a feature on the two most powerful theology schools in Qom: Faiziyeh and Haqqani.

Ali Reyhani

Cool site, man. The singing? Ummm... I can't sing at all, so all I can say is khasteh nabaashi, and good luck. As for reading your poetry in English, don't. Not good.

Islamic Thought Foundation

Lots of books and magazines listed here. If Islam is not your thing, skip it.

Beyond Iran

Dancing fool

Everyone knows that our current president did some pretty hard partying in his youth, but very few knew the extent to which he's been know to 'get jiggy with it.' And it doesn't matter that he's given up drinking, this is a man who simply knows how to celebrate.

Tower of London

Though probably most renowned for its history of bloody executions and atrocious prison sentences, the Great Tower, as it was first called by William the Conqueror, was originally the residential palace of the Norman ruler.

Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered

Dr. Pepper once posed the question in a popular commercial -- "Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?" Grocery stores and competitors took this as a call to arms to create their own versions of the popular mystery drink.

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