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April 18, 2001


Iran Heritage

Recent visits to Iranian museums also demonstrate the disturbing fact that many historical finds are absent or taken away from these museums. Tourism is a major source of income for many countries. Iran must protect its historic assets at all costs.


"DAAYEH is a not-for-profit volunteer-based charitable organization dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to disadvantaged children. In December 2000, Daayeh Director, Parvin Babzani Pourasef went to Iran and visited the children whom you sponsored."


"The Iranian Cultural Association of Greater Columbus is a non-profit association with no political or religious affiliations. The Associations's goals are to promote Iran's rich cultural heritage of rituals, literature, and customs among Iranians residing in and around Columbus, Ohio, and to promote understanding of Iranian culture in the community at large." -- Thanks to Akbar Mahdi

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National gateway to UK museums, galleries and heritage.

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Collection of innovative, surprising, and witty animations.

Stories of the Dreaming

stories from the cultures of indigenous Australians, collected from all over the country in a choice of text, audio, and video.

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