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April 20, 2001


Iranian faces

Another cool idea from the funny guys at Submit your photo and people will vote whether you're the best or should give it a rest. -- Thanks to Mehran Azhar

The American Institute of Iranian Studies

"A non-profit, non-governmental overseas research organization. Its members are universities and museums in North America with interests in the study of Iranian culture and civilization. " -- Thanks to Ramin Tabib

Iranian Caviar

What a bloody waste! You register a get name and then you put up... this? Get your act together man! -- Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

Beyond Iran

Consumer Affairs

"ConsumerAffairs.Com Inc. is an independent organization -- not affiliated with any government agency, industry council or special-interest group. We gather and publish news and information about frauds and outrages visited upon consumers. We also refer complaints to appropriate agencies, attorneys and organizations. See our FAQ for more background."

Who What When

"Database of people and events from 1000 A.D. to the present. Create graphic timelines of periods in history and of the lives of individuals."

New Moon

"New Moon Publishing produces media for every girl who wants her voice heard and her dreams taken seriously and for every adult who cares about girls."

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