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April 27, 2001


Iranian Oral History Project

Provided by the Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies, this site offers a selection of transcripts from the project's collection of interviews with 134 people "who either played major roles in important political events and decisions [in Iran] from the 1920s to the 1970s or witnessed these events from close range."

Children with disability

Charity Institution for Training and Rehabilitation of Workers' Children with Disability is located in Tehran's Zaffaranieh district with an expenditure of more than 20 million dollars. Its aim is to rehabilitate, prepare, readiness and job seeking for the labour's mentally returded children.


Directory of Iranian web sites plus news...

Nader Davoodi (corrected!)

Photographer Nader Davoodi's site was linked incorrectly yesterday. Check it out...

Beyond Iran


Face it: You watch too much TV. We know, we know -- it's hard to resist when there are more quality viewing choices than ever, but don't worry, the folks at "Adbusters" have some advice on how to make the most of your TV-viewing time.

Paint By Numbers

Presented by the National Museum of American History, this site "presents the paint-by-number phenomenon as a window on the history of creativity, leisure, and domesticity in postwar America."

Nina Paley

Nina Paley is best known for her alternative comic strip "Nina's Adventures," which enjoyed a seven-year run in several weeklies and "copyright infringement around the world."

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