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August 16, 2001


Iranian Police

Very slick site. See the rights of arrested suspects :-)
-- Thank to Mohammad Ali

Iran Help

"As you may be aware of, our citizens in the north of Iran are facing a disaster in flood. You donations could save lives although you may think it small. A special homepage has been set up for you to collect donations: //"

Sundance Channel

List of Iranian films being broadcast on the Sundance Channel in August. -- Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

Iranian Rap Club

"We discuss all of the latest topics on hip hop and hip hop artists, add pictures, and we have daily questions and special events!!! Tell a friend and well blow this shit up! YA HEARD!!?"


"This note is to announce the release of the onLine version of Sufism, An Inquiry, the journal of the International Association of Sufism. We hope you will visit our site." -- Hank Edson, The International Association of Sufism

Islam UK

BBC programs on Islam. -- Thank to Hossein Shahidi

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Beyond Iran

Dia Center for the Arts

Since its inception, Dia has defined itself as a vehicle for the realization of extraordinary artists' projects that might not otherwise be supported by more conventional institutions. To this end it has always sought to facilitate direct and unmediated experiences between the audience and the artwork. -- Thanks to Zara Houshmand


A few things you should know about 1) It currently has photos for about 850 of the 1440 minutes in a day. 2) If you see a missing minute and would like to contribute to the project, by all means, submit a photo. 3) About 95% of the photos were taken in Portland, Oregon. 4) We think the guy at 1:09 pm looks like trouble. 5) The girl at 11:11 am is single and looking. 6) We're quickly becoming addicted to checking the time. -- Yahoo review

Lurid Paperback Cover of the Week

It's been said that you can't judge a book by its cover. Illustrator Mark Monolux disagrees, and with great relish. His titillating library of vintage covers -- culled from paperback powerhouses such as Avon, Bantam, Harlequin, and Monarch -- pays homage to the vanishing art of "literary" eye candy. Monolux doesn't pull punches -- his spot-on commentary equally praises and pans the composition, artist, publisher, and genre of each of these gems to an amusing, detailed degree. It's a fascinating look at how dime-store covers were made and why we Americans just can't resist the cheese. -- Yahoo review

The John Hughes Files

If you were in high school in the 1980s, chances are you know the names Duckie, Blaine, and Farmer Ted. These characters came to life in the teen films of writer/director/producer John Hughes. The heart of this site Hughes shrine is the A-Z files. This section brims with trivia about everything from the fictional Chicago suburb of Shermer, Illinois (where so many Hughes films are set), to John Lennon references in "The Breakfast Club" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." But the site catalogs more than just the teen flicks. Two decades of movies are covered -- the Jukebox even features sound clips from the opening credits of "National Lampoon's Vacation" and the title track of "She's Having a Baby." -- Yahoo review

Kumeyaay Nation

The plight of an ethnic group ravaged by the vagaries of shifting geopolitical borders -- sound familiar? The turbulent history of the Kumeyaay Nation, which straddles the U.S./Mexico border in Southern California, is sadly familiar. The culture was almost wiped out by the Spanish incursions of the late 18th century, the Mexican-American border wars of the 19th century, and American frontier expansion in general. Today the 12 tribes have taken advantage of new gaming licenses to "shape policy, better home and health services, and provide for themselves and their community." -- Yahoo review

Dress'M Up Dubya

With our president taking off to his Texas ranch for a "working vacation," what better time than now to dress up Dubya. Presented by Oddcast, the site lets you design your own Dubya -- give him a mohawk, dress him in a clown suit, or place a beer in his hand, then click the "intoxicated" button and watch his head bobble. Once you've created the Dubya of your dreams, choose from some of his most well-known quotes, as well as other famous quotes, and make the leader of the free world talk. We couldn't resist dressing Dubya in a scarecrow outfit and having him utter the immortal words, "If I only had a brain."

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