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July 2, 2001


Persian Art Music

Lots of information about music in Iran. Nice job. -- Thanks to Reza Kalantari


Site for publishers in Iran. -- Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

Princess Leila Pahlavi

Lots of pictures from her youth & funeral. -- Thanks to Cyrus Kadivar


Qasem Ramezan writes from Iran: "IranBahs is a new non-commercial site created to promote serious discussions about Iran. We believe with the growth and availability of the Internet in Iran, there is a need for a Farsi discussion board as it is the langauge of Iran."

Great Islamic Encyclopedia

Established in March 1983, the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia (CGIE) is a scientific and research institute for compiling and publishing general and special encyclopedias about all aspects and dimensions of human culture and civilization, specially Islamic and Iranian culture and civilization. -- Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

Paris embassy

Iranian embassy in Paris -- Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

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Beyond Iran

Could this actually be real? A music site that doesn't have an agenda, a schedule, a genre, or even a direction? A music site that's written for the fans by the fans? Created by a few Georgia Tech students, the site solicits material from its readers, asking only that the submitters "write quality material that makes sense." The usual album and concert reviews are here, along with great features, thought-provoking editorials, and a page all about guitars. Definitely a site for those who think they're ready for this jelly. -- Yahoo review

Great Images in NASA

From deep space studies to "Star Trek," the GRIN (Great Images in NASA) web site presents a wonderful photo collection related to air and space exploration. Peer into the heart of the Crab Nebula in Deep Space Studies. Enjoy celestial fireworks observed from that cosmic magnifying glass, the Hubble Telescope. View pictures of famous flyers such as Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and the cast of the original "Star Trek" in the VIPs and People at NASA/NACA section. Most of these photos are copyright-free, so you can add a slice of space history on your own web site too. -- Yahoo review

Sweet Fancy Moses

The folks at this online journal have an obsession -- "to build a collective work where intellect, humor, and voice come together in orgiastic triple climax." Wow! That sounds like our kind of site. Claiming to be the place "where wit lives," the site collects ideas and stories from people all over the world and publishes them with one goal: to move and provoke people with the written word. Let the wit roll. -- Yahoo review

Volcano Live

Volcanologist John Seach's site features several jaw-dropping photographs of your host casually ogling massive plumes of spouting lava. It's also bursting with constantly updated information on all things volcanic. Check out live volcano cams, breaking volcano eruption news, the latest satellite images of active volcanoes, and suggested travel spots for die-hard volcano fans. And don't miss the photographs of huge, perfectly formed smoke rings puffed out by Mount Etna. -- Yahoo review

The Tattoo Baby Doll Project

Guess what's hiding under these dolls' dresses? Oh wait, they're not wearing any. This collection of dolls is not for children. It's a collaborative "statement on feminine empowerment," spearheaded by embroidery artist Sherri Wood. Her inspiration came from the intricate tattoos she saw on the streets of San Francisco. She took discarded dolls to various female tattoo artists and asked them to create a persona for each doll. Once the designs were drawn, Wood painstakingly hand-stitched every single piece. The results are whimsical flights of fancy. -- Yahoo review

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