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July 13, 2001


Iran Who's Who

"The 6th edition of IRAN WHO'S WHO has been published. The book is in English & contains biographies of more than 2000 Iranian personalities, politicians, writers, artists, university professors, actors , etc.. " -- Thank to Farhad Sepahbody

Beyond Manzanar

"Beyond Manzanar is an interactive virtual reality environment, a metaphorical landscape that explores recurring patterns of prejudice and an invocation of the human spirit that creates beauty under harsh conditions."

The latest issue of is now onlone. There are tens of new articles for you to read in both Persian and English, plus a new feature for your instant personal messages and a new poll. -- Farrokh Javid, Editor

Iranian diplomatic missions

Find the Iranian embassy or consulate in your country.

Farhangestan Zabaan Faarsi

Very slow site... but interesting. -- Thank to Payman Arabshahi

Houtan: Scholarship

"The Houtan Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce a scholarship of $2500/ semester offered to one student who has demonstrated both an active interest in Iranian language and culture and has proven leadership potential." -- Thank to Trita Parsi

Jihad-e Sazandegi Scientific Information Services

This site is for:

"1. Promoting information culture and effective utilization of novel information technologies
2. Policy-making, planning, coordinating, controlling and evaluating information activities within the Ministry.
3. Strengthening Jihad Sazandegi information backbone through maintaining constant contact with national as well as international information bodies and institutions.
4. Information system modeling for administrative as well as executive operations." -- Thank to Payman Arabshahi

Vice Ministry of Economic Affairs

Lots of stats. -- Thank to Payman Arabshahi

Dental Information Institute

"In 2000, Dental Information Institute was registered, member 167 in sari, Iran. The Institute is operating as a private department and the main gool of it is the provision and distribution of scientific, cultural and economic information related to Iranian dentists."

Tehran Vista

"As the first Electronic Coupon Provider in Iran, we are proud to announce that our effort in populating this facility has been successful and we are adding more and more shopping centers to our list of coupon acceptors. Many big shopping centers in large shopping areas in Tehran are now in our list. Customers can easily surf the coupon page and select their desired category, choose the shopping center, print the coupon and benefit from discounts. We are ready for any suggestion and ideas around the electronics coupons and are ready for any kind of business co-operations."


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Beyond Iran

Google image search

Very powerful tool! -- Thanks to Zara Houshmand

BBC Bookcase

This brilliant site functions as its name suggests -- like a family's bookcase that represents the varied interests of each reader. The site is a potpourri of literary news, features, and games, and even offers an animated history of books guided by none other than Bill Shakespeare himself. Its editorial offerings are unpretentious yet informative and appeal to avid readers of all genres. From the would-be romance novelist, to the aspiring poet, there's a lot of practical advice here for beginning writers as well. So why not have a spot of tea with some scones, and let the BBC engage your imagination? -- Yahoo review

Ugly People

"The content within the website is intended for immature audiences only. However, we do not take responsibility in the event that this content reaches outside its intended audience. More than likely, will contain material that is sensitive, vulgar and offensive to someone who has nothing better to do... other than to be over-sensitive, upset and offended." -- Thanks to Ramin Tabib


Chief copyboy Steve Miller hosts this edifying and entertaining quarterly zine devoted to the recent dearly departed. Packed with dozens of biographies of folks who took the "you're only here once" philosophy to heart, Goodbye! also features plenty of morbid crowd pleasers. The latest issue pays tribute to pioneering composer Iannis Xenakis, beat poet Gregory Corso, and Glenn Hughes, the Village People biker with the huge handlebar moustache. A section titled Darwinian Events will test your capacity to sympathize, while Deaths by Mayhem covers the "Whoa!...Brutal" department. For some color on the obituary writer's life, check out Mr. Miller's address to the Third Great Obituary Writers Conference, June 3, 2001, in (where else?) Las Vegas. -- Yahoo review

Research Matters at Harvard University

In the laboratories at Harvard, researchers and scientists are "turning artifacts of the imagination into facts of life." This site offers a peek into these labs, and allows you to read about the research as it happens, whether it's the latest news on medical treatment, technological advances, or space exploration. Divided into six categories -- Mind, Body, Society, Earth, Space, and Technology -- the site's in-depth look at innovative research will fascinate and amaze.


This interactive resource offers a vast array of tools designed to "make history make sense." The database of over 400 articles is searchable by period and theme so you can get an overview of the history of painting from cave art to 18th-century British watercolours, or zero in on the Napoleonic wars. Take one of the over 200 tours to explore themes and movements throughout time, or choose among some 300 timelines to gain a broader perspective of historical events. Once you've learned all there is to know, join the History Club and post your own essays, or test your smarts with a round of Whizz Quizz, an online competition staged every hour. -- Yahoo review

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