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July 27, 2001


Discovery of Parsees in India

"This extensive report was published in a British Journal [in 1752] reporting the discovery of two foreign sects in India -- Banians and Parsees. The Parsees were identified as the ancient inhabitants of Persia. They migrated to western India at 10th century after years of religious persecution and forced conversions in their homeland."

Cycling for Friendship

"We, Amir-Hossein Ahmadi and Hasan Alizadeh from Iran are in the first year of a two-year, around-the-world cycling trip. Please be with us in our trip!!!" -- Thanks to Ramin Tabib


An Iranian association aimed at helping women in Iran. -- Thank to Payman Arabshahi

Iranian Languages & Scripts

"The new Iranian Languages & Scripts site 2001 version is completed. Please take a look. It includes a concise English-Persian online dictionary. The first one ever with the Persian words in both a Latin-based phonetic (UniPers), as well as, the current script. So all can use it regardless of their ability to read the current Persian script."

Akhbar Rooz

This is one of the very best online newspapers. Based in Germany, Akhbar Rooz carries a wide range of news and views on political developments in Iran.

Dovome Khordad Club

"For anyone who beleives in Khatami or voted for him."

Iran Pajoh

A new online bookstore.

Farah Pahlavi

"The only politics of Farah Pahlavi are those of improving the welfare of Iran's people...they can rest assured that she will speak for all of them, be they the rich and poor, the sick and the healthy..." -- Thank to Cyrus Kadivar

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Beyond Iran

FBI Files of Famous Persons

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations presents an index of downloadable FBI files on such notable personages as Lucille Ball ("registered to vote as a communist in 1936 at the insistence of her grandfather"), Pablo Picasso ("activities in connection with various subversive groups"), and John Lennon ("contributed $75,000 to a group planning to disrupt the Republican National Convention in 1972"). Browse the files of notorious gangsters, traitorous spies, and unexplained phenomena. Three cheers for the Freedom of Information Act! -- Yahoo review

Flash Enabled

The age of Dick Tracy is upon us. Pocket PCs are overtaking Palm Pilots in popularity, and fan sites are sprouting like weeds. This collection of tools, news, and software for the Pocket PC has been created with Macromedia Flash and features all manner of curious downloads for your little digital buddy. Witness: Nirvana videos, Vermeer slide shows, sign-language tutorials, NYC subway map, the "Planet of the Apes" trailer, the cult "stick figure death" animation, scientific calculators, chat programs, metric converters, and a poker game. You "can" take it with you. -- Yahoo review

Revenge Lady

Annoying coworker got you down? Recently dumped for a physically attractive but intellectually shallow person? Don't get mad, write the Revenge Lady. Dispensing time-worn tips on the fine art of getting even (and then some!), the Revenge Lady offers advice with a smile. The Q-and-A column ("put a mouse trap in his desk") is the real draw here, but you'll also find a handy guide to the rules of revenge and a life-affirming list of top-ten revenge stories. And remember, "Let your creativity blossom. Don't go for cliches like slashing tires. Yawn. Be original. Enjoy yourself. Give your mark an experience they'll never ever forget." -- Yahoo review


This Shockwave game lets you attack public relations flacks with their own press releases (neatly folded into sharp paper airplanes). There are nine different human targets, from the old-school Hardy Knox, who used to drive 400 miles through snow to get a press release into a small-town paper, to youngster Tina Bawper, fresh from her internship and ready to run the whole company. You can even whack King Kong on the head as he peeks through the high-rise office's windows. But don't hit the grey-haired suit who yells "Security!" That's Bill Yunz, the big cheese, who'll fire your ass back to the Dark Ages. -- Yahoo review

Who Wants To Be a Fobionaire

A joyful celebration of "fresh-off-the-boatness," this game-show parody is bound to fry some people's rice -- but really folks, this self-deprecating Asian-American humor site is all in good fun. Answering the 15 questions was no walk in the park, requiring four participants six tries and numerous life lines (but thankfully no smirking Regis) to make it to the industrial-size glutinous grand prize. Happy playing -- oh, and eat more rice. It's good for you. -- Yahoo review

Retro Raunch

"You're here. And where is here? The sex site of the lounge culture, the thinking man's adult site, the only adult-oriented entertainment site on the net that can make an honest claim to being truly unique. RetroRaunch is about bringing the tasty, nasty, wild, wacky, outrageous, shocking, beautiful, erotic and utterly special soft and hardcore porn from the past into the high-tech present of the Internet."

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