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June 11, 2001


Revolutionary songs

A terrific collection of leftist revolutionary songs. Also see here
-- Thanks to Anoush

Reza Abbasi Museum

"The collection of objects on display in the Reza Abbasi Museum recalls an era that is unknown, mysterious, and full of the endeavors of humans for survival, fighting nature, gianing benefits and victory over the environment. The stages that humanity has gone through to gain such a level as enjoyed today is Reza Abbasi Museum is on permanent display in five galleries." -- Thanks to Farhad Sepahbody

My Farah

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Whether it is a morning wedding or at night, whether you're using grandma's veil or no veil at all, whether you want the house furnished in blue or want to spend your honeymoon by the deep blue sea; My Farah has the old, the new, the borrowed and the blue, unfolding especially for you!!!"

Ayandehsazan Basketball Club

"The idea of our logo came from dunking competitions in which Hooman Rezaee, a player of our senior team, dunked with two balls simultaneously and all the referees, who were from Iran and other countries, gave him 10 of 10 and he became the champion of Iran."
-- Thanks to Ramin Tabib

"Les Iraniens de France."
-- Thanks to Katayoon Zandvakili Alexander

Iranian Hemophilia Society

Not a lot of information... but here are its objectives: "1. Identification and registration of people with hemophilia (PWH) and related coagulation disorders in the country and referring them to treatment centers. 2. Educating patients and their families about hemophilia care. 3. Preventing joint damages by implementing home therapy and prophylaxis treatment."

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Beyond Iran

American Writers

This C-SPAN series examines the lives and works of selected American writers and explores their influence on Americans today. On the companion web site, you'll find detailed biographical and historical background for each featured author. We learned about the journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition, experienced the world of Harriet Beecher Stowe while she was writing 'Uncle Tom's Cabin,' and explored the Declaration of Independence and other documents written by founding fathers Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Jump in and take an in-depth look at 45 American writers who helped shape a nation. -- Yahoo review

The Date-My-Sister Project

An ongoing experiment in which the author documents his sister's dating life... without her knowledge. Don't cheat -- start at the beginning and discover just how cruel, committed, and funny brothers can be. -- Yahoo review

The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs, and Body Language Cues

This monumental resource consists of definitions, relevant quotes, photos, and illustrations painstakingly researched and assembled by David B. Givens, director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies. Explore the silent side of human communication, from the adam's apple jump to the classic shoulder shrug display, from flight and fright reflexes to true and false smiles. It's a fascinating look at how we express ourselves and how we act when the mute button is on. -- Yahoo review


Here's an amazing look at "history through the eyes of those who lived it," a repository of personal narratives covering the ancient world, World War II, and everything in between. We listened to Charles Lindbergh describe his transatlantic flight, a horrified radio announcer report on the Hindenburg disaster, and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declare war on Germany. Instead of presenting a historian's account, this site gives you a chance to get inside the mind of someone who was there. -- Yahoo review

Starmatt Astrophotography

To paraphrase David Bowie, "There's a Starmatt waiting in the sky / He'd like to come and meet us / But he thinks he'd blow our minds." Matt BenDaniel is the "matt" in Starmatt Astrophotography, and his colorful photos of nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters really are mind blowing. Did you know that the night sky is blue? Matt knows, and he can tell you why. He even explains why the camera can pick up color when the human eye can't. Matt's not afraid to stare at sunspots, and he's really got heart -- well, the Heart Nebula anyway. So, if a psychedelic space trip isn't your thing, try Starmatt. -- Yahoo review

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