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June 18, 2001


Kowsar cartoons

Celebrated Iranian cartoonist Nikahang Kiwsar writes: You can get my internationally-distributed cartoons here.

Iranian survey

"Payam Heidary, M.A., is the owner, operator and designer of which was launched in January, 2001. He is a academic/research psychologist who was born in Tehran, Iran and raised in Southern, California, USA since 1978. He regularly teaches courses in psychology and conducts cross-cultural and within cultural research studies as part of his scholarly duties as a professor, educator and researcher."

Mohsen Sazgara

Reformist publisher, politician. -- Thanks to Payman Arabshahi


Guity Novin writes on "How I became a Transpressionist" : I did my undergraduate studies during the late 60s. In those days there predominated in academia a definite penchant for modern and post modern arts. My professors were mostly young Ph. Ds from Europe and North America who admired, and encouraged students to admire, artists like Kandinski, Miro, Mondrian and later on Andy Warhole among others.

Iranian Sultana

Aajeel and tanaqolaat (nuts and dried fruits) for export.


Internet provider in Iran.

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Beyond Iran


After looking around the FARK web site, we still have no idea what FARK means. We do know, however, that this site's collection of humor news and links is hard to beat. The articles are classified as "stupid," "silly," "scary," etc., for easy browsing. You can submit stories for inclusion and comment on the bizarre articles that make it onto the site. You'll be surprised to learn how many people have an opinion on square fruit for sale in Japan or a comment on roaming toilets in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.. -- Yahoo review

Between Home and Heaven

Capturing the complexity of landscape photography, this site features 90 works from 39 artists, ranging from beautiful panoramas and stark valleys to pipelines and nuclear-waste sites. Richard Misrach's "Bomb, Destroyed Vehicle and Lone Rock" is a study of color and space, while Joe Maloney's "Dark Eddy, Delaware River" provides a sense of calm. Unlike their early 20th-century predecessors, today's photographers no longer have the luxury of working with an unspoiled wilderness. This site presents a fascinating look at contemporary artists and the present-day realities facing them.. -- Yahoo review

Found Magazine

This new magazine picks up where others leave off, literally. If you've ever picked up a note, a picture, or an object that someone else discarded or left behind, you should share your story with Found. Browse through photos or notes that were once important but lost for some reason. It provides a low-grade voyeuristic thrill that curious people can't get enough of. So go forth and find things, and when you do, tell the people at Found. -- Yahoo review

Genomic Revolution

In June of last year, scientists announced they had mapped the human genome, the blueprint for human life, a discovery that offers limitless potential for scientists. In the Our Genetic Identity section of the site, we learned that we share 99.9% of our genes with each other, 98% of our genes with chimpanzees, and 90% with mice. This genomic revolution raises many questions about how to use this new-found knowledge, and this site provides an insightful look at the billions of pairs of A's and T's, and G's and C's that are the fundamentals of life. -- Yahoo review


Have you heard of the Lomo? It's the swanky lil' Russian camera that's found its way into the hands of cool photography cats around the world. One cat in particular, Eugene Kuo, traipsed around South East Asia in 2000 snapping whatever piqued his interest. What's neat about the Lomo is that it's completely self-contained and doesn't require a flash. The result of Eugene's travels are vivid photojournalistic vignettes captured with a natural color saturation not even the best designers can achieve in Photoshop. In an age of new-fangled digital cameras and cumbersome professional photography equipment, SEAEK makes a good argument for sleek Russian minimalism. -- Yahoo review

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