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June 25, 2001


Bright. Beautiful. Professional. Buy books, CDs, videos, and... also see their newspaper, Iranshahr.

Radio Barabari

"A tribune to break the wall of censorship and to reflect the struggles of workers..."

Restoration of Cultural Property

"The Center for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property was established in 1980 as an institute called the Central Research Laboratory for Conservation within the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization with the main aim of expanding research activities in various fields of conservation science leading to better understanding of cultural and historical heritage, conservation and preservation of historical artifacts and architectural decoration, training." -- Thanks to Eliza Tasbihi

Reza Assemi


What you see is what you get.


A new issue of Homan Magazine, both in English and Persian has been published. For more info please visit HOMAN website. HOMAN defends the rights of Iranian gays and lesbians.


Here's an interesting site. It gives the meanings of some Farsi names along with the traits associated with the particular name (has both male and female names). -- Thanks to Simin Habibian

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Beyond Iran

2001: destination space

The Tech, an innovative technology museum in San Jose, California, offers a double-edged tribute to Stanley Kubrick's monolithic science-fiction film. Showcasing the intersection of science and art, the museum's physical exhibit has been translated into four main parts: Fact and Fiction -- showing the advances that "2001: A Space Odyssey" anticipated and which have come to pass; The Art of Robert McCall -- paintings by and an interview with the renowned illustrator; Visionary Voices -- Q & A with scholars whose work was affected by Kubrick's film; and finally, Learning Resources -- challenges for students and links to an astronomical amount of information on "2001" and our future in space. -- Yahoo review


Following in the proud tradition of Noodlebox, Superbad, and SodaConstructor, NOOFLAT is a tremendous waste of time. This cheeky portfolio of Flash-enhanced graphics features dozens of vaguely organic shapes and objects that respond in various ways to the clicking of your mouse. Spin the bulbous DNA-looking thing faster! Stretch the bendy pipecleaner-doohicky tighter! Scatter the swarm of marauding polka dots farther! You get the general idea. And if you still haven't incinerated the remainder of your work day, check out the links page. -- Yahoo review

Rainforests are a necessity of life. Without them we wouldn't have enough air to breathe. They are home to medicinal plants, endangered animals, and indigenous peoples the world over. Yet deforestation is rampant, and, in many instances the damage is staggering. bills itself as a rainforest portal with links to hotbed regions and issues, as well as successful preservation campaigns and spotlights on local heroes. It also provides information on how you can help protect the environment in your community. In a closed ecosystem of finite natural resources, a little activism on behalf of trees can go a long way. -- Yahoo review

Labor Art

Labor Arts claims to be a work in progress, which is appropriate considering the site's focus -- an examination of the "cultural and artistic history of working people." Presenting images of demonstrations, strikes, and laborers at work, the site uses photography and drawings to dig into the lives of America's union workers. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives looks at 100 years of labor in New York City, offering an amazing glimpse into the culture of solidarity. The site features permanent collections and also rotates exhibits, so check back and learn about our nation's labor movement from a different perspective. -- Yahoo review

World Treasures

The greatest hits of creation myths.

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