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May 3, 2001


Lirica Persica

"Lirica Persica Hypertext provides navigation tools for browsing and searching a wide data-base (20,000 lines in both Arabic-Persian characters and the Lirica Persica transliteration system) complete with concordances, lexical lists, statistical indexes, and rhyme, refrain, and meter lists."


The British Iranian Business Association (BIBA) journal. First class magazine about successful Iranians in Britain - Europe. -- Thanks to dAyi Hamid


One of the top top top Iranian sites... Have I said that already? I just love this site.

Beyond Iran

SI Adventure

Sports Illustrated takes a walk on the wild side.

WWII: collections + [RE]collections

Based on the recollections of World War II veteran William Yenofsky, this multimedia exhibit traces his four years of combat duty: "The year is 1941. I am a modest, unassuming individual, not overly aggressive, yet, I am drafted into this situation because the United States is at war and a 'man has to do what a man has to do.'

Jackie Kennedy White House Tour

In February of 1962, CBS television aired a tour of the White House conducted by the nation's First Lady, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. Nearly 80 million Americans watched as Mrs. Kennedy led the tour through the East Room, State Dining Room, Red Room, and other rooms that shespent months restoring and redecorating. Follow along as this site presents part of the televised tour, complete with the questions asked by CBS reporter Charles Collingwood and the answers given by the First Lady.

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