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May 4, 2001



Very interesting student publication at Amir Kabir Polytechnic in Tehran. -- Thanks Masoud Modaress


Max Sadeghi writes: "I've added a lot of material. There is a history which explains how music from the Middle East evolved. The next step after this is the archive of special performances featuring Audio and Video clips of concerts from the past 40 years, and the launch of the online music school."

Kaveh music

"We now have more then 126 Iranian singers and more then 1756 Persian songs you can listen and record to your file free of any charges."

Beyond Iran

Victorians Uncovered

Companion to the Channel 4 series examining sexuality in Victorian England.

Free Family Tree Makers Online

offers articles and links to genealogy software downloads, references, mailing lists, and other tools to help trace a family tree.

Gotham Center for New York History

Working to boost the visibility of New York's historical assets.

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