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May 7, 2001


Kingdom of Babkha

Babak Kamal writes: "I would like to bring to your attention a little known yet growing phenomenon known as micro-nationalism. Among these, there has been in operation, the only Iranian micro-nation, for some six months: The Kingdom of Babkha.

Linux Iran

Arash Zeini writes: Being the first Iranian site dedicated to Linux and Open Source, the goal of this site is to educate and inform Iranian users about Linux and the Open Source movement. It has links to other Farsi related open source projects for Linux and KDE developers in Iran. We also have up to date Linux news and a concise Linux Web Directory.


"Keyvan Behpour (Kvon) is a native of Iran who came to the US in 1977 and graduated from the University of Bridgeport with an engineering degree in 1981. His instincts, however, led him to photography." Great photos...

Beyond Iran

Slap Bill & Hillary

Only in America... -- Thanks to Ramin Tabib

Last Words

Compulsively readable and full of graveside wit, Last Words is a collection of epitaphs, wills, and farewells. While it includes entries from fictional characters ("On top of the world, Ma!"), they can't top the real stuff.

Forgotten Looney Tunes characters

Reacquaint yourself with the Looney Tunes characters who didn't quite make the cut. Here you'll meet Sniffles the Mouse, a friendly alcoholic rodent who chugs 250-proof cough syrup to cure his "code in da nose."

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