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May 9, 2001


Peace Corps in Iran

Check out the American Peace Corps writers who spent time in Iran before the revolution.

Persia Business

"The place to search and learn about Businesses and Professionals who are always interested in promoting their business or profile in Iran and to the world Iranian community on the Internet. Get your FREE web page on this site. Sign up now and your site will be free for the next six months!!"

Voice of Rumi

"Through a series of powerful dreams, I was directed to bring together a group of scholars, academics actors, musicians, and Dervishes - Turkish, American, Canadian, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, and Jew, to mount a 'Festival of Rumi' in Toronto, Canada which I directed and produced on my 44th Birth-day, October 23, 1999. This lead to a series of shows broadcast on CBC Radio Canada and subsequent cassette tape sales of festival recordings, worldwide. The birth of this documentary series arose from these venues." Heeeeh!

Beyond Iran

For my world

"Thanks for visiting ForMyWorld, your personal environmental Web site. The site is about your neighborhood, your environment, and how you can take action. The more you know, the more you can help."

Artemis Fowl

Cluck you, Harry Potter.

A complaint box for online transactions gone wrong.

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