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May 10, 2001



My goodness... this site is constantly becoming better and better. So many good articles and sections that are plain good, interesting and fun. Check out their online survey too.


Yes. Iranian. The company was founded by Manny (Manouchehr) Mashouf. -- Thanks to Ashkan

Electronic Research Center

"Since 1996, Iran University of Science and Technology initiated continues efforts for implementation of the Electronic Research Center in order for establishing an appropriate scientific ground for the development of the Electronic Industry, one of the strategically important industries in the world, in Iran."

Beyond Iran

Kama Sutra

The FIRST illustrated version of Kama Sutra in Internet. If you are 18 or younger, DO NOT go to this site. Go to the thousands of other sites that show the real thing. Others, enjoy.


"In the early 16th Century the Spanish Conquistadors reached the shores of the new world. Some 500 years later, they were followed by Michael Wood and the Maya Vision crew. While we were there to follow in the their footsteps we drew the line at claiming the territory for the Spanish crown and settled for capturing a four-part documentary series in the name of the BBC and PBS."

GraphX Kingdom

A major free images resource, GraphX Kingdom serves up over 3,000 images, including a nice assortment of icons. A local search engine makes it easier to find what you need. Graphics are also offered in ZIP format, for faster downloads. There's also a section on "How to Download" for newbies.

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