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May 11, 2001


Iran Handicrafts

Some of the most tasteful and gorgeous handicrafts I've seen... made by hand by a real artist... -- Thanks to Farrokh Alemi

Payman Yadanian

"Payman Yazdanian was born in 1969 in Tehran. He started learning the piano at the age of 6 with Plus Khofri and continued with his master Farman Behbud up to the advanced level. Taking part in the international piano competition, Concour Musical de France (CMF) held in 1999, he won the second prize and afterwards he had a recital in the French University, Ecole National Superior de Telecommunication (E.N.S.T). The next year he won the first prize in the same competition (CMF). " -- Thanks to Sheema Kalbasi

Dr. Amir is USA

"IMPORTANT POINT: The interesting feature of my photos, is the way they have been taken !! I have to tell you nobody has helped me and I have taken all these photos by myself, with my Olympus camera and my tripod which are my only faithful friends during my trips !!! So I think you'll get surprised after reading this important point ... OK... Enjoy your trip in my World !"

Beyond Iran

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