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May 28, 2001


Iran Reporter

"We are a group of foreign and Iranian reporters based in Tehran and writing for major international newspapers, including the Financial Times, Le Figaro, the Independent, The Economist, Le Temps, Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. We aim to provide independent, reliable and timely news about Iran from our reporting on the spot, in contrast to much of the information available on the internet about Iran which is compiled outside the country."

Iran elections, Entekhab, Election80

Presidential candidates and news about the campaign. (Persian).

Farsi Joke

Tons of jokes in Persian... like this one.

Persian City

"Persian City was established as a Persian Portal with the principal objectives to help stimulate the level and efficiency of Persian businesses and consumers activity on the internet. "

Beyond Iran

Detriot Electronic Music Festival

"Celebrating electronic music - the world's most popular new music in Detroit the city of its origin (May 26-28 ) - the fOCUS://DEMF/2000 drew 1.5 million people from around the globe to dance on the city's waterfront in its inaugural year. 3 days and 4 stages featuring free-of-charge, non-stop dance music with performances by Detroit legends and internationally acclaimed artists make this a true world party: the largest music event in history." -- Thanks to ramin Tabib

Within These Walls

The National Museum of American History presents the history of a 250-year-old house and 5 of the families that have occupied it over the past 200 years. Built in the mid-1760s, the Ipswich, Massachussetts, house's diverse inhabitants have included colonists (1757-1772), revolutionaries (1777-1789), reformers (1836-1865), and immigrants (1870-1890).

Scribbling Women

Sit back, relax, and listen to some good ol' American fiction.

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