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October 17, 2001


Persia Design

A great art site.

A Study of Iran

"This volume is one in a continuing series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the Department of the Army."

Bahai Radio

"Payam-e-Doost Radio is an OFFICIAL Persian Bahai short-wave radio being broadcast to Iran since April 21, 2001 from 9:30 to 10 PM (Tehran time) every night. This is the first Persian Bahai short-wave radio program to Iran, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and the countries of former Soviet Union. It has Millions of listeners in Iran as well as throughout the world--it is becoming one of the most listen-to programs in Persian-speaking communities around the world."

Persian Art Music

Music site in Iran.

Iran Flamenco

Learn about Iranian flamenco masters and...

Beethoven MC

Beethoven Music Center in Tehran. Store?

Reza Ghassemi

Homepage of prominent tar player.

Pahlavi video clips

News reel about Shah and Farah's wedding is particularly interesting.

Anjoman Azadi

"Iranian Marxist Humanists".

Akram Monfared Arya

One of Iran's first women pilots. Lots of photos.

Iranian Salukis

"Hunting with Tazis (Salukis) has been the oldest and most valuable hunting method and the Tazi was prized for both its hunting prowess and its sheer dignity, elegance and suppleness in action."

quite well.

Pars Forum

Messageboard: Exchanges views, messages on various topics.


Interesting collection on the lives of classic Persian poets and their work.

Traveling Persian

Click on the Farsi link and learn basic words. Includes audio clips for every word. Also see Online English - Persian Dictionary.

"We are happy to introduce a new website featuring FREE wallpapers and screensavers with eye-catching images and beautiful FARSI poetry from Iran's famous poets such as Saadi, Molavi, Hafez, etc. and/or Bible verses."

Tehran map

Current map of the capital.

Aban Clinic

"Aban Eye Clinic & Isfahan LASIK Center Is the largest refractive surgery unit of Isfahan province. It is equipt one of the most advance LASIK machines, microkeratomes & microsurgical instruments for various ophthalmic surgeries, specially LASIK & CATARACT."

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Beyond Iran

Green Card lottery

Deadline October 29.

Terrorism Law and Policy

Jurist: The Legal Education Network, from the University of Pittsburgh Law School, offers "authoritative legal instruction, information and scholarship." Now, Jurist's legal experts have assembled an all-too-timely electronic library of documents, articles, and analysis on terrorism and terrorists, including U.S. anti-terror legislation, counter-terrorism, commentaries from legal eagles and policy-makers, print resources, and a continuous datafeed of relevant headlines from across the Net. Check out the Academic Commentary section to read some eye-opening op-eds written by various legal scholars. -- Yahoo review

The Rosetta Project

This mammoth linguistic project seeks to survey and archive 1,000 languages for posterity. Why? Because 50 to 90 percent of today's spoken languages aren't expected to last another 100 years. And here's the exceptionally cool part -- once they've gathered enough material (glossaries, grammatical usage, alphabets, parallel translations, etc), they're going to "micro-etch" it onto a nickel disk that will have a 2,000-year life expectancy! In other words, they're creating a 21st-century Rosetta stone. They're embracing an "open contribution" policy similar to the Oxford English Dictionary, so you're encouraged to contribute. This week's languages of interest include Igo, Ainu, Afrikaans, Paiwan, Old Norse, Meitei, and Turoyo. -- Yahoo review

'The Spook

Is this fully downloadable magazine a glimpse into the future of publishing? Featuring great short fiction, celebrity profiles, reviews, cartoons, and poetry, it comes ready to download and read in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The best thing about the magazine is the price -- it's sponsored by advertisers, so it's completely free. And don't think of "The Spook" as another third-rate web zine -- it's a real magazine just like the ones at the newsstand. It even comes with an online instruction manual. Just think -- no more paper cuts or annoying subscription cards. -- Yahoo review

American Field Guide

Tour the American countryside and explore ecosystems, art, history, public policy, and more with just a few clicks of the mouse, thanks to PBS. Go snowboarding in the backcountry near Mt. Bachelor, Oregon. Look for seashells on Sanibel Island in Florida. Take a twig furniture making class in southeast Alaska. Public television stations from across the U.S. provide over 1,200 video clips along with transcripts, which makes searching easy. After seeing these amazing places on video, you'll want to pack your bags and take a hike! -- Yahoo review

Idea Line

Arranged in a "fan of luminous threads," the Idea Line presents a timeline of artworks in which each thread corresponds to a type of artwork or technology. The line's brightness indicates the number of artworks in that year. The array of artworks and technology is impressive -- minimalism, abstraction, animation, video, Java, and many more -- but our favorite aspect of this clever site is watching the lines ebb and flow as the mouse is moved over them. When you see something that piques your interest, you're just one click away from immersing yourself in it. -- Yahoo review

American Cowgirl

Kodak e-Magazine offers yet another fascinating feature, this time focusing on America's cowgirls and the roles of women in the traditionally male sport of rodeo. Take a tour through the History section, a compelling and comprehensive photo essay documenting the past 120 years of women in the rodeo, and meet some of the early legends, daring women who entered the adventurous world of "roping and riding." In the Movies section, you'll find three clips focused on current world-class bull riders Lisa Stipp and Rene Mikes. Watch "Six Seconds", "On the Road", and "Motivation" to enter their world and hear what it's like to ride a bull and travel the circuit. -- Yahoo review

Kids World Almanac

"Millions of kids read The World Almanac For Kids every year. Now the bestselling book has a companion Web Site -- The World Almanac For Kids Online. So dive in and explore. You might even get smarter. "

Top Ten Blog

For a little something on the lighter side, swing by this site and peruse David Letterman-style top-ten lists. Participants use Blogger, a weblogging tool, to add their input to this collaborative effort. Current lists includes everything from "Top Ten Reasons Why Michael Jackson Scares You" to "Top Ten Best Top Ten Blog Entries." You can also search the archives by date or by topic to discover the "Top Ten Ways to Spend Your Time When You Are Stuck on Hold With Your Internet Service Provider" and the "Top Ten Most Unpopular Flavors of Jell-O." -- Yahoo review

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