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Iranian women have proved undeserving of having any rights at all

Susan Moeen
October 26, 2004

Iranians in exile appear to have been frozen in time and mind; for they are still fighting for the same things they used to fight for over twenty five years ago. One of these so-called "rights" for which Iranians in exile have been making a great big fuss over was and still is "women's rights."

They are so out of touch with conditions inside Iran that they do not know things have changed greatly in Iran and today it is men who are being oppressed by women, and women have become so mean, cruel and disrespectful of human rights that they are sacrificing their own children, as well as their husband, for the sake of keeping all the money their husbands have for their own self alone. Yes, the fact of the matter is that today's women of Iran are oppressing not only their husbands, but also their own children.

Women of Iran are able to exploit and oppress their husband and children because of the excessive rights given them by the Islamic republic. Under Islamic Law family and children born within the family structure have no place; only women count in an Islamic family; simply because our randy mollahs see women as merely sex objects who should be made fully satisfied so that they (mollahs) can have as much sex with them as they want and wish for.

This need of mollahs for gratification of their unsatiable sexual desire has led to legislation that gives Iranian women the right to refuse to obey their husbands who are also bread winners for them and their children. As a result women are placed in a unique position where by they can exploit their husbands to the full without having to complete their duties as wives and mothers within the family.

Under Islamic Republic women are allowed to eat and sleep and live a luxurious life, while their husbands and children are working very hard to satisfy "her" needs. That is, Iranian women in Iran today live the life of a queen, while their husbands slave away both outside and inside the home. Outside for earning a living for their wives and children; inside for doing the housework, as their wives cannot be expected to do anything at all during the time when the husband has been working his guts out in order to earn a living for the whole family.

Universities of Iran is overcrowded by female sex; men are either drug addicts or busy working to earn money so as to pay university fees for their student wives.

Iranian men are so docile; they give all the money they earn as a working man to their wives; and what do wives do with the money given them by their husbands? They spend it on themselves alone; that is, they spend all the money their husbands earn on their own selves; not a sent of what is earn by the husband is spent on the husband or the children; all is put aside by the wife for her own personal expenditure; that is, married women in Iran today behave as if they are single and live alone; in spite of the fact that they are married and have at least two children. They do not do any housework, nor do they do any shopping, cooking or cleaning for their children, nor their husbands.

Under such circumstances how can any one think women of Iran are exploited and we should waste our time and money fighting for their rights inside Iran?

Islamic Republic has been pampering Iranian women for the last 25 years; but campaigners inside and outside Iran appear to be unaware of these fundamental developments. How come? I would like to take particular issue with women campaigners inside Iran, such as Shahla Lahiji (who is a publisher) and Mehrangiz Kar (who is a lawyer) and both of whom must be fully aware of developments in legal system under the Islamic Republic.

The fact of the matter is that because Islamic Republic is most keen to prove to the West it is far more progressive and advanced than the West, it has ended up shooting itself in the foot; forcing itself unable to walk straight. By which I mean in today's Iran family as a fundamental unit of society is non-existent precisely because Islamic Lawgivers are too keen to impress the West with its own achievement when it comes to women's rights and wrongs. In other words the mollahs of Iran are far too garbzadeh than the late Shah was.

Family as a unit in which men and women come together in order to multiply and perpetuate human society has been undermined by the Islamic Republic; because married women under the Islamic Laws and Regulations have no obligations towards their husbands and children. Women can divorce their husbands at drop of a hat just as men can do so, without any regard for the children.

As a result of this lawlessness within the family structure women of Iran are busy making as much money as they can out of their husbands and the home made by hardworking husbands and running away with massive amounts of cash in hand. That is, women are at their husbands' throat; using children as porn in a power game with their husbands. 99% of children of Iran are malnourished and anaemic simply because their mothers are not prepared to spend any money which is earned by their father on them: yes, Iranian mothers are saving all the money while starving their own children by not wishing to spend husband's income on buying food for the children and the husband.

Believe you me, women of Iran today are murderers; they are murdering their own children and husbands by refusing to spend any of the money on shopping and cooking for husband and children. Iranian children are poor because their mothers are keeping all the money for themselves and are not prepared to spend a penny of their fathers / husbands income on buying food or clothes or education.

How can anyone think such women who are the bulk of Iranian women in Iran today deserve to have any rights at all? Or else we have to ask what do human rights campaigners mean by "rights" or "women"?

So far Iranian women have proved undeserving of having any rights at all.

Or perhaps our "rights" champions, such as the one who won the Noble Prize, mean the right of women to commit murder?

And indeed women of Iran today are committing murder against their husbands and in-laws. And I know of Iranian feminists in exile who are eager to support such women murderers under the banner of Iranian women's human rights!

Please let us have a debate about this, for it appears so that our lawyers, feminists, devotees of human rights need to be cleared as well as updated about what goes on inside Iran today. For they need to know that because of their unqualified campaigns and geshgheregh women of Iran have become a mass of disgraceful monsters without any shame, nor gratitude for the men of Iran who are engaged in making queens out of these ungrateful paupers.

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