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Comment for The Iranian letters section
Comment for the writer dAyi Hamid

by dAyi Hamid

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Who are you calling "kharaab"?
By Saghie Zarinkalk

To live or to be alive?
That is the question for Iranian women
By Laleh Khalili

Soaal-e bozorg
"Is she a virgin?"
By Mohandes

Real Iranian girls?
Looking for a bride? Go to Iran.
By Cyrus L. Raafat

Me the virgin
In an Iranian girl's dictionary, there's no definition for "dating for fun"
By Linda Ghassemi

Gorgeous brown eyes
I felt this weird feeling come over me
By Sharareh Shirazi

Looking for security
By Sadaf Kiani Abbassian

Accidental Eden
Overwhelmed by Iranian women's beauty
By Roozbeh Shirazi


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