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Shirin Bakhtiar, 1930-2003

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She waves back
Two short stories
November 25, 2003

Shit! At the blue cafe
Ah, Love! Could thou and I conspire
November 11, 2003

The white balcony
Francisco had long gone leaving Carmen alone and vunerable
October 28, 2003

I want to see it
The Persian prick you love to hate still raises a sardonic chuckle
October 15, 2003

Blowing out the candle on both ends
Summer here is unimaginably long with fireworks provided by the bus driver
July 15, 2003

Geeezeesus Keeerist Mom!
Never thought I could write these words alone in Calpe
July 15, 2003

You have no calls
My bloody Valentine. Weird shit.
July 15, 2003

Cherry on the cake
His body was decorated with fish tattoos always a big plus in Khayyam's book
July 15, 2003

Clear mountain stream at the station
The connoisseur does not miss the opportunity
June 19, 2003

Gloria on the Mediterranean
She rode a silver Suzuki wrapping her legs around her separated Apollo
May 28, 2003

Under the stars in Calpe
She bumped into her turn to the future
May 10, 2003

Tomato and bacon sandwich
He entered her greedily
May 10, 2003

The Caliph of Calpe
Come Ride with Me On the Bus
April 28, 2003

It hurts
But I hope he pops it in his mouth for Norooz
March 29, 2003

I hear the bus coming
He was born under a different star
March 18, 2003

Firdowsi lynched in Granada
The ship's bell rang for Firdowsi in his blue underpants
February 4, 2003

Washed over Roman ruins
Omar shared a caravan with a circus elephant-trainer sadly dreaming of Christmases
January 14, 2003

Yaah! ... Aaah! Aahhfalalala!
Omar shared a caravan with a circus elephant-trainer sadly dreaming of Christmases
December 24, 2002

Kissed in Valencia
He swirled his silk cape and thrust his sword in the bull's jugular crying CARMEN !
December 2002

A kick in the ass
Let him who is without sin, throw the first Empty Without Me, CD
November 2002

Boo! Crescent moon in Calpe
Firdowsi and I planted roses in the castles of Spain
November 2002

I love this shit
Thick white clouds sweep across the Costa Blanca
October 2002

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