Trita Parsi

Council on Foreign Relations book award

The Council on Foreign Relations's 2008 Arthur Ross Book Award silver medal and a prize of $15,000 have been awarded to National Iranian American Council president Trita Parsi for Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel,Iran, and the United States (Yale University Press). This unique and important book takes a closer look at the complicated triangular relations between Israel, Iran, and the United States that continue to shape the future of the Middle East.

CFR’s Arthur Ross Book Award is the most significant award for a book on international affairs. It was endowed by the late Arthur Ross in 2001 to honor nonfiction works, in English or translation, that merit special attention for: bringing forth new information that changes our understanding of events or problems; developing analytical approaches that allow new and different insights into critical issues; or providing new ideas that help resolve foreign policy problems>>>


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My heartiest congratulations

by Astronomy Club (not verified) on

My heartiest congratulations to Trita for coming out with such a great piece of work. The traingular face of the realtionship between the 3 nations has been very beautifully carved out by him.


This blog is great, its a

by Ubuntu Howto (not verified) on

This blog is great, its a great victory of the iranian efforts. congratulations for the publishing of this book.


Unblock Facebook

by Unblock Facebook (not verified) on

We are asked to quickly get ahold of Congress, although many members are not now available. Will it ever end? Not without regime change — IMPEACH CHENEY AND BUSH; tomorrow is not soon enough.If I understood the news bulletin on this website of the National Iranian-American Council, last night Bush told some veterans group in Reno that he has instructed our soldiers to attack any Iranian soldiers found in Iraq, and that the US just arrested several Iranians at a hotel in Baghdad, FOR NO GOOD REASON.



by wow power leveling (not verified) on

It's funny that people call this guy an agent of the regime, yet hear you have the US Council of Foreign Relations awarding him a prize. If anything wouldn't that make Iranian government suspicious?


iranian nowadays

by aoc gold (not verified) on

He is the only Iranian that I know who has been able to bring together Iranians of different mentality and belief system, under the banner of peace, prosperity and coexistence, and get them to work together towards valuable goals that benefits everybody, including the Americans and Israelis.



by warhammer gold (not verified) on

Your site is disproportionally skewed toward the far left with a few right-wing article peppered to give an aura of neutrality. Congratualtion in creating an echochamber of gratituous ingratiotors.


Thanks for your Overview

by eve isk (not verified) on

If I understood the news bulletin on this website of the National Iranian-American Council, last night Bush told some veterans group in Reno that he has instructed our soldiers to attack any Iranian soldiers found in Iraq, and that the US just arrested several Iranians at a hotel in Baghdad, FOR NO GOOD REASON. We are asked to quickly get ahold of Congress, although many members are not now available. Will it ever end? Not without regime change — IMPEACH CHENEY AND BUSH; tomorrow is not soon enough.


Yes indeed, he is an

by aoc gold (not verified) on

Yes indeed, he is an inspiration to us all.


Thank You Mr. Parsi for all that you do.

by Siamak Akhlaghi (not verified) on

I don't know why some people think they know better than you what you should say and how you should run your own organization.

You are one of the few Iranian people who understand that demonization and diplomacy cannot coexist. If you want one, you can't have the other. US government follows this theory for dealing with China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, just about everywhere except Iran.

Of course people who don't really want diplomacy and would rather have war, don't mind destroying peace by agitation and demonization.

Jahanshah Rashidian

A Glorious Mess!

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

A reward to the fake Iranian opposition like Ebadi, Parsi, Khatami... is a glorious mess. The West nominates new brokers for new bargains with the IRI.

These Palace-Malicheks of the huge empires of both drooling investors and Islamist bazaris are quite far from any sense of responsibility for democracy and human rights in Iran. At best, they talk about them when Hafiz and Sa'dee speak out of their graves out. This fake opposition is supposed to make up the ugly face of Mullahs while giving a pale colour of the real opposition to Westerns.

When a totalitarian regime, which is far from any semblance of modern standard, has its life at stake what would be wrong for its parasitic survival to recruit some trendy men and women in its side?

Let's solve the puzzle for the concerned Iranians, not for the unscrupulous IRI supporters: the one who pubilcly criticises the human rights records in Iran would never receive a reward from any side.



by jamshid on

Yes, I can read. I just googled and read the NIAC's conference on Human Rights in Iran, which you refered me to. Here it is:


It is a long article. I browsed through its many pages and there was only one reference to "human rights". All these participants, all the discussions, all that time, all this money, and yet only one quick passing sentence on human rights:

"After all, this is a government that does have a rather abysmal human rights record."

That's it. An entire day of conference with so many participants and that was the extend of criticizing IRI's human right record.

However, I liked the recent Philadelphia Inquirer article. That is more like it. That is more representative of Iranians' voice. Mr. Parsi and NIAC need to publish a whole lot more similar articles before they can gain our trust in order to restore their reputation.


OB 101

by Parthian on

Organizational behavior 101: Strategy and plan of action must be "CONGRUENT".

My problem with Trita Parsi, and his organization is that the organization he represents does not do what it claims to represent. This is highly suspicious. Actually, it is a clever marketing tactic. The organization claims to represent "Iranian-Americans", and to encourage their involvement in the American political process.

Can someone tell me how lifting the sanctions on Iran, or establishing relationship with the country of Iran has anything to do with our interest in the U.S.?

Iranian-American interest actually is very much aligned with the interest of  the rest of the American public. I have never seen his organization advocate anything on healthcare, taxes, minority businesses. Actually, I have never seen him talk about these issues. His political agenda is been limited to U.S-Iran relation. Indeed, that is his expertise, and if you look at his organization's top expertise, none have anything to do with the American legislative process. It just does not add up! So before you guys jump up and down, and start cheering him for his "accomplishments", we need to look at his motives.

I would have no problem congratulating him on a great marketing campaign, and decent book, and overall utilizing and establishing a great network amongst the American elite. I will not cheer him as an Iranian of day. Promoting IR's interest is not an act I like to support.


Javeed Iran

by Shah Hossein (not verified) on

We are all proud of you keep-up the good work.Peace on earth.


Jamshid - can you read?

by parsifan (not verified) on

Jamshid - you claim that Parsi doesn't criticize IRI's human rights violations? You must be kidding, right? Are you really unaware or are you writing non-sense to attack Parsi? Did you miss his oped in the Financial Times - Reconnecting Iran with Democracy, Financial Times, January 3, 2005. Did you miss his oped in the Philadelphia Inquirer: How to reduce tensions and promote human rights in Iran,Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb. 27, 2008. Did you miss NIAC's conference on Human Rights in Iran last summer on Capitol Hill? Really, did you miss all of this?


Re: Titra Parsi

by jamshid on

As long as Mr. Parsi does not address IRI's violation of human rights in Iran, he would neither represent the Iranian people in Iran nor those living abroad.

Mr. Parsi does not speak about violation of human rights, lack of freedom of press and speech, illegal imprisonments and execution of the opposition, plundering of Iran's wealth, lack of social, political and economical freedom, stoning and amputations, and many other violations committed by the IRI which are the primary concerns of all Iranians. Why?


Trita Parsi is a clever

by Anonymousas (not verified) on

Trita Parsi is a clever entrepreneur , and I don't find "selective interviewing" of Israeli, Iranian or US officials as quite scholarly or scientifice. His method of arriving at objective analysis is inductive version of juxtaposing piece meal facts and observations shrewdly designed to prove his own subjective opinion/ideology; however, Parsi does present the Islamic Republic's perception of state of politics clearly and loudly. I have to give him credit for that.


All praises and no critics

by salar (not verified) on

Funny all comments here are in praise and commendation of this character. I guess criticisms are hitting a nerve someplace on the server and not making it through the queues. I thought we have already fixed these technological difficulties and glitches in this day and age.

Mort Gilani

Great Iranian Mind

by Mort Gilani on

Congrats to Mr. Trita Parsi for his excellent insight and work!



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

I thought as long you SHOW RESPECT, don’t SWEAR TO EACH OTHER and express your opinions, you are not violating the rules of this site and that your comments won’t get deleted. I guess I was wrong.

Michael Mahyar Hojjatie

A great mind, indeed.

by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie on

Congratulations, Dr. Parsi, you are truly an inspiring hamvatan. When you talk, I listen!

If we all had your patience, intelligence, and tolerance, we wouldn't be the most divided and dysfunctional ethnic group on the face of the earth.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go check in with my rich Iranian friends before I process my next thought (my lame attempt at sarcasm).



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

First of all everyone here has the right to express their opinions. This is what we call democracy, freedom of speech which we don’t have in our country. Second of all, what ever Trita has accomplished is for his own good like publishing a book. I see him rather than a successful business man than an Iranian representative. I still congrats him for his accomplishment. If he suppose to an Iranian representative in USA, How come he never mentions human rights situations in Iran. He is so fond of becoming an intermediate between The USA government and the Mullahs. As far as I’m concerned if you are in a position where you can make a change by speaking loud regards what is happening in Iran and you don’t, he doesn’t represent nor respects his fellow Iranians.


Congratulations to Mr Parsi

by IRANdokht on

I believe Trita Parsi to be the Iranian of the YEAR!

I wish there were more Iranians like him. He's an analytical, reasonable, logical, and peace-loving Iranian.

We have plenty of haters, finger pointers, and the ones who sit way back and yell lengesh kon... It's refreshing to see someone like Trita Parsi and I am glad he's being recognized for his work and his efforts in actually taking a positive step for Iran and Iranians. He's been a loud voice against the military attack of the country.

Well done Mr Parsi



The Iranian people (via their elected agent Jamshid) have spoken

by Q on

all bow before his majesty...

They vehemently defend this regime because the regime provides them with their bread and butter through sucking the very life out of Iranians' lives.

Seriously Jamshid, you just accused people of being paid by the IRI. If you don't have any evidence to put up, shouldn't you really shut up?

JJ, please remove this liabelous post.


Don't be a hater ... be like Trita.

by ...the ism (not verified) on

Congrats to Trita who’s one of few young, levelheaded Iranians paving the future for a more rational and peaceful Iran. Unlike the US backed fossilized shahis or US backed terrorist MKO, Trita as one person lead’s the way to mature balanced diplomacy instead of destruction and more setbacks by nut-job-right-wing-conservatives in Iran, Israel and US. The three countries will eventually coexist in harmony and it’ll be because of intelligent, responsible people like Trita Parsi. He sees the big picture in perspective and many of us young Iranians support him 100%. Good for you Trita and you da man!


We should all be proud!

by PedramMoallemian on

Many congratulations to Trita not only for the award or even his book, but also for keeping his feet firmly planted on a solid platform of insisting that the current atmosphere of threats and sanctions should be replaced with civility and dialogue before any meaningful progress can be made towards a free and democratic society. Proud to know you.


Couldn't be prouder!!!

by Carville_Fan01 (not verified) on

Well, there is justice. Anyone who has read Treacherous Alliance knows that Parsi is a true scholar, an awesome analyst and probably the most clever critic of the Islamic republic, at least in the US. Those attacking him are either afraid that diplomacy will end their chances of starting a war, or too dumb to read between the lines. I couldn't be more proud of having Parsi as one of the leaders of our community!


Congrats but.....

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Congrats to Trita for publishing his book. Haven’t read it yet but I’m sure the context is interesting. As for his lobby, I must say that it’s absolutely hilarious, to see that a group of Iranian in USA is working hard to create a dialogue between USA and the Mullahs. I think it quite sad to see how they treat their fellow Iranians, but putting a blind eye on what is happening in Iran in a sense of human rights, Prostitution, inflation and etc. I don’t want to make an assumption but this has either to do with receiving fund from some institution of Islamic Republic or they are just living in fairy land. You can’t negotiate with the Mullahs. When are you guys going to wake up?


Khodadad Rezakhani

by Abarmard on

Thanks for your comment, I can't stop laughing

Khodadad Rezakhani


by Khodadad Rezakhani on

Sometimes in order to see the absurdity in a statement, it is best to re-read it, carefully:

"Correct me if I am wrong but isnt this they guy who is promoting dialogue with iran versus toppling of the regime. Dont be fooled by these clean cut suits who write books."

No no, we should stop ourselves from talking and just beat the one we don't like. After all, all those very logical people are doing it daily in the streets of Tehran and Athens and Rome and Downton Los Angeles. Yes, that is the way to go, sure, of course. The whole institution of "Foreign Affairs" is just useless, "Defense Department" can take care of everything.

And yes, avoid the clean cut suits who write books: trust the ones with thorn shirts who fight in the streets. Sure, of course, how did these conventional wisdoms escape all of us?


The level of censorship on

by Anonymousaq (not verified) on

The level of censorship on this site is appalling. Why don't you have the guts to tell the public that you're partisan lobby. Obviously, free speech is just a rhetoric here. There is nothing wrong with taking a side and vigorously promoting your convictions and your ideals but don't be a hypocrite when you're not ready to embrace all points of views. Your site is disproportionally skewed toward the far left with a few right-wing article peppered to give an aura of neutrality. Congratualtion in creating an echochamber of gratituous ingratiotors.