Gay Iranians

Seeking asylum in UK

A remarkable insight into the lives of two gay Iranian men living in Leeds. We follow them as they establish their new lives in the UK and the setting up of a new support group by the two who have become friends since arriving in Bradford. They both fled Iran after their boyfriends were captured by the authorities, one of whom was tragically executed.


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by Sad Iranian (not verified) on

This is pure propaganda in order to demonize Iran and ready a Western acceptance (at the popular level) to invade it (you can see a recent Haaretz report on this matter in fact). They have been using these strategies for centuries, initially it was to "civilize" what they propagated to be barbarian subjects, then to fight for the "rights" of women, then the rights of minorities etc. and now for homosexuals. Right rights rights, all individualist b.s that is a product of industrial materialism that has created nothing but egotistical materialists who no longer have any sense of permanent spiritual ethics and morals and duties to their communities (an approach of course rooted in Communalism that was the norm in Eastern cultures which interestingly enough produced happier and healthier societies - how happy are you in life today??). I find it sad how so many Iranians get sucked into this charade, but then again they have forsaken themselves anyways as a result of 2 centuries of intense western cultural propaganda in the country. I find it sad how so many of you see "secularism" as a supposedly neutral singular norm yet are so blind that it is rooted in philosophies of individualism, neo-liberalism, utilitarianism and above all a secularized form of Christianity. We may not be geographically colonized, but that in itself is not efficient and permanent, what you Iranians are is something more sinister, you are unfortunately mentally colonized by people who just want to rape your land and destroy any sense of indigenous identity. So go on with your "marg bar eslam". We will all be accountable to our Maker - of course many Iranians don't even know what accountable means as they have been overwhelmed by a culture of 'zerangi' which always blames others (be it mullahs or little green aliens from other planets)instead of taking up a role of personal accountability.



by Confused (not verified) on

Did anybody- anybody- understand a damn word of what this Alborzi is trying to say?
And you have been here how long?


همجنس باز نداریم

عنتری نژاد (not verified)

مطلقا ما در ایران همجنس باز نداریم، در کشور ما چنین چیزی وجود نداره، در ایران چنین چیزی وجود خارجی‌ نداره


Its not all what it seems

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Generally Islam is quite ambivalent, on one story it talks about (I think lot) who wanted the guys to take the daughter, but the town folks preferred guys, so god punished them. However in another part it speaks of the young guys in heaven, giving you a drink that will not get you drunk. In fact IRIs position on sex change operation is quite liberal, perhaps more liberal than USA.
They do punish sexual relations outside marriage, in fact they have executed several. The gays fall in a catch 22, they cannot marry so any relation will be punishable, but Ahmadinejad was also right the Iranian gays, do not march in the streets like in SF.


No wonder Ahmadi said there ain't no gays in Iran

by LOL (not verified) on

They are all busy seeking asylum across the world. Now go vote for Mousavi. He will let all the wandering Iranian gays across the world go back to Iran ... lol


Enough already...

by Well.... (not verified) on

So 40 million men will then have to yield to political correctness and no longer be able to call their buddies "Bacheh Kooni" for the sake of a small minority gay population, over half of whom have just drawned under the liberalism that's blasting them into confusion.

Booroo baba...

Ali P.

Keep your religion off my body, an I'll keep mine off yours!

by Ali P. on


 This religion or that religion are free, and should be free, to recommand us what to do in this world, and I appreciate the recommandation. But that's where it stops.

 As a secular man, I don't think my life or anyone's life should be adjusted to this religion or that religion.

This religion or that religion should adjust itself to the rights, given to people,under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, among them (not explicit, but implied), the right of exercising one's sexual orientation.

Live and let live.


One more reason of how

by Mitra Khuzestani (not verified) on

One more reason of how important secularism is so important, when absolute power is given to ANY religon it will become unreseanable. Just like what we have now!


Islam and Gay

by aria f (not verified) on

Does anyone know what Islam say about Homosexuals? Any direct mention of them in the Koran? I do know all independent religions only recognize marriage between a man and a woman. But public execution seems to be made-up rule by the Islamic Republic, just like how they pull out semiotic & "play with words" to shift the Sharia law to meet their needs (Kaar Mozad--interest--being one of them, which is Haraam in Islam and was legalzied by Khomeini).

I would appreciate any insights.

Ari Siletz

Bozi musical question

by Ari Siletz on

Recuerdos de la Alhambra by FranciscoTarrega


The music piece is

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

The music piece is called
Recuerdos de la Alhambra


musical question

by bozi (not verified) on

Does anyone know the name of the guitar music towards the end of clip?