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Darius Kadivar

That is Why I'm A Centrist ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

After All That is the Definition of Monarchism ... Rule in the Middle and Above Parties ... LOL

That's Exactly Juan Carlos of Spain achieved with having a Socialist Government under a Constitutional Monarchy


This Slogan Should Put the IRI to Shame:






Reza Pahlavi's message on the Anniversary of the 1906 Constitutional Revolution in Iran


Darius Kadivar

Hmm ... Nationalism + Socialism ... Ain't That Nazism ?

by Darius Kadivar on

I'm not a Wikipedia Expert myself but well I couldn't help myself on this one ...


National Socialism is a political term that is both vague and ambiguous. As the name suggests, features of nationalism and socialism are combined and interrelated to form an overall National Socialist ideology, although the combination process is neither obvious nor straightforward. The term most typically refers to Nazism, which was the ideology of the German Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers' Party, or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)), which was led by Adolf Hitler.


I remember during college days

by oktaby on

the most affluent friends, as well as relatives were communists. I find it odd that none would pick the Soviet Union or other communist countries to get educated in or live. The few so dedicated to study or live there a few years all ended up in Western countries sooner or later. And after demise of the eastern block no one moved there either. Another observation is that fervent communist or for that matter capitalists (another can of worms) have usually read the most books, memorized the most quotes & cliche concepts, and somehow comprehended the least and never able to jive it with real life or human character & condition, even in post ism world. As a noted comedian said: I'm really disappointed with the human race.

Noosh Afarin

   با شیندن

Noosh Afarin

 با شیندن حرفهای ایشان به یاد گفته ی عزت الله انتظامی در یک کلیپ افتادم.


ایران احتیاج به شاه الله هان نوکر یا خر خمینی پرستان حزب الله ندارد.
«مرحم زخم  ایران و ایرانیان ازادی است»

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

nicely put!

Every sane society needs a left and a right.   the left protects social rights while the right protects individual rights.   the left pushes for changes while the right conserves good values.   Why hasn't our left evolved at all? 

Fred said something very similar recently, and yet when I told him I felt the same way and tried to start a discussion, he dismissed me contemptuously. So you see that the problem lies on both sides.

Why hasn't the Iranian left evolved at all? Because'radical' Islamicism (itself Reactionary by definition in oh so many ways) threw a monkey wrench into the works that has caused a shock and a paralysis and gotten everybody talking out of both sides of their mouth trying to cope with the trauma.

It's not a complicated question and there's not a complicated answer, but it's a complicated situation. One good way to start to uncomplicate it would be for people on the center-right to keep saying very loudly, very clearly, yes, we understand that we need a Left. Yes, we really do get it, buuuuut... 


Gold Dust

by masoudA on

Great points -

Most of the guys I knew who used to ride the high horse of standing for the poor and the hard-workers, ended up not doing a single day of hard work in their lives!!   Never gave a single penny to any charity - never volunteered for any social work - and lived a more materialistic life than any capitalist I know.  



by masoudA on

I said my generation of leftists.  and yes you are correct; my generation of rightists was not any better.  They did not think leftists could be nationalist, partialy because leftists used to put down and ridicule nationalism.   The rightists of my generation seldom stood for any rights, always had an eye outside Iran's borders, clueless about the role of a "conservative" in society.    In my days the right consisted of a greedy bunch who usualy succeeded in their education and profession while leftists were also a greedy bunch whoseldom succeeded in either.  

But in our defense - we did not have the internet - and everyone (not just the government) always told us to shut-up !!   But between you and I - it was a great time regardless - and not just for the haves.


This is the 1st time, i have fallen asleep while watching video

by gol-dust on

After 2 minutes, i was gone! It was about socialism? I have a lot of old friends who were socialist, who all became rich w/many houses and cars. They never talk about that anymore!

One thing i  noticed was that they never gave anything to any charity in iran or else where! Socialists my foot! Just talk!


Iran problem is not lack of dictatorship

by Khar on

Leon Trotsky he is not, although he's kinda looks like him. Certainly communism is not the answer for Iran. Historically any communist government which has come to hold power in any country became the most anti democracy and freedom countries. Over 100 years (from Lenin to Chaves and perhaps Ahmadinejad) communist done opposite of what they have preached, once in power. To say communist are for Democracy, Freedom and Justice is just like say Islamists and Rightists are too for Democracy, Freedom and Justice.

Iran's problem is not lack of dictatorship, be Islamic, Proletariat or Monarch. Solution for Iran is only two things: genuine Freedom & Democracy, not ideology, pure and simple! But throughout the last 150 years history of Iran struggle of Iranian people for Freedom & Democracy has been crushed by the powers of repression. List below are the crushed hopes of Iranian people for Democracy and Freedom I wonder how many more of these struggles do we have to go through to achive freedom and democracy? no nation in the world throughout human history has sacrificed so much for the cause of Freedom and Democracy!

1- Constitutional Revolution (mid 1800s to early 1900s)

2- Intellectual movement (1920s to 1930s)

3- Dr. Mossadegh Movement/Government (Mid 1940s to mid 1950s)

4- 1979 Revolution

5- Green Movement 2009 (Today)


Jahanshah Javid

Left and right

by Jahanshah Javid on

masoudA, let's assume that you're correct: the Iranian Left has not evolved. But what about the Iranian Right? Has it learned that there should be a Left and a Right side by side? I don't see any sign of it. I don't think the Iranian Right understands that you can be a leftist and nationalist at the same time -- and vice versa.

Fortunately, khoda ro 100,000 martabeh shokr, that this movement in Iran has no firm ties to any political faction. It's "khod joosh" and people have shown that they are way more mature and tolerant and democratic than any Iranian political figure I can think of, left, right or center. With the exception of Shirin Ebadi -- maybe.


He got off to a Good Start but...

by masoudA on

My generation of leftists - have yet to learn what the left is !!!   baba one can be a leftists and a nationalist at the same time.   Every sane society needs a left and a right.   the left protects social rights while the right protects individual rights.   the left pushes for changes while the right conserves good values.   Why hasn't our left evolved at all?  Why do you still think hard workers can't be capitalists ? and why do you think you represent the hard workers ?  And what call it komonist kargari ?  what about keshavarzan, Mohandesin, artists,..... why can't they be leftists?  

We are all parlimentarists - we all believe our future secular government must be ruled by a parliment with elected members.   It will be a republic or monarchy with a simple constitution incorporating all 30 articles of human rights.   Get in line with the rest of the nation.

Also - get off hezb - or any cult - there is no way in the future we will have a president from one Hezb or Cult - chosing a cabinet from his/her own Hezb.   From now on it will be based on merits.   


Iran at the Crossroads of

by vildemose on

Iran at the Crossroads of History" is a recent HuffPost by the first president of Iran after the 1979 revolution:

"The regime's own cadres oppose Ahmadinejad, and the deepening economic crisis has both deprived the regime of resources and spurred further public discontent. This has provided an opening in which the Iranian people can determine the outcome of the struggle.

If the Iranian people cease resisting, times will become even harder; if they continue, their uprising will be transformed into a full-fledged revolution. This would make the establishment of democracy a real possibility. All indications now point to the Iranians' determination to see this uprising through."

-- Abdhassan Bani-Sadr, writing in Huffington Post, July 31, 2009


OMFG indeed!!

by Jaleho on

I found myself agreeing with PC for a second time, OMFG, the end of the world is near !!!!!!

Shifteh Ansari

And this guy knows what Iranians want?!!!

by Shifteh Ansari on

The arrogance of diaspora activists (!) never ceases to amaze me!  He isn't even in Iran, and he is saying what the protesters in Iran are saying is not what they really mean!

So this dilmaaj has to tell the rest of the world what the people in Iran want!

I think the educated left had a chance to help the people of Iran in 1979.  They supported Khomeini and the Islamic Republic.  They got themselves and a whole lot of other people killed and Iran's quest for freedom continues 30 years on.

The socialists should stay wherever they are (next to monarchists and MKO) and let the people of Iran figure this out for themselves.  Stop talking about the people inside Iran like they are children who need guardians.  We went down that road before.

Respect the movement, don't confiscate it in the name of your own ideology.


Straight from Tehrangeles

by mahmoudg on

the number that is flashed is 310 area code of Los Angeles and his email belongs to yahoo, one of the largest service providers in the world and he talks about the proletariat!!  I love America we let all of these dreamers to florish amidst us.  God bless America.

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

Did he seriously say that the only two alternatives to the IRI are Monarchists and Communists? I'm no expert but from where I'm sitting those are like the two least popular factions? If it's only the Monarchists or the Communists who can overturn the IRI, I suppose that might get done sometime before the next ice age, right?


Comedy Hour

by rustgoo on

آن زمانی که حنجره میدرانیدید که « پاسداران را به سلاح های سنگین مجهز کنید» دنیا چشم دوخته بود تا ببیند چه گلی به به گوشه جمال «پرولتاریا» خواهید گذاشت. بدست آوردن اعتبار از دست رفته،به چیزی بیشتر از این فرصت طلبی های رسوا احتیاج دارد.

Darius Kadivar

I thought Dinosaurs were Extinct ? ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Where did he gestate From ? Jurrasic Park ?


Someone should remind him that Trotsky Eye Glasses and looks are out of Fashion since the 1960's.


I guess he never heard of the Persetroika or Glassnost bringing down the Berlin Wall and all East Communist Bloc States ...

As for his statement that Monarchists are Supporters of Capitalism ... I suggest he Took a closer Look at Sweden ?