Divisive Ahmadinejad

CNN interviews Karim Sadjadpour about recent developments in Iran


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What vote? 1st Khamenei's approval before he is inaugurated!

by gol-dust on

Why are so surprised that they ignored the vote? apparently, it is part of their constitution to have the leader's approval before he can sewer in! WOW! didn't realize this till yesterday. "Leader" is the one who approves him first anyway. So what difference would it make if people would have voted for him or not? It is only Khamenei's vote that counts legally!

He just followed his legal right as the Khalifeh! This is even worse than Shah! The constitution must change! Who cares if Mousavi is the president or not. We have a much bigger problem to solve! we must get rid of the mollahs!


The more disconnected from Iran's REALITY

by Jaleho on

these "Iran experts" are, the more CNN brings them on :-)


Great Iranians

by Leonis on

Iranianins, like this gentleman here have repeatedly shown their supriority in science, art and business all around the world, particularly in USA... and their INFERIORITY in Iran with Islam.

Denounce this sadistic religion of brutality, stupidity and ignorance.

The Islamic countries are very BASTIONS of BARBARISM.