Iman Shirali

Son of political activist Iraj Shirali, executed in 1982


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If you like to know about the truth.

by Iranianuk1111 on

If you like to know about the truth, and the whole truth of what was happening in Iran from 1360 to 1368, I would suggest to read: //

 The pdf file is available in Farsi.


This was an uplifting

by TheMrs on

This was an uplifting video. Thank you for posting it. If possible, add more of these to this site so we can follow these people.

I am very glad to know these people exist out there. Sometimes, the situation in Iran looks quite hopeless. It's sad to know that people who were part of the regime who killed this man's father, such as Moosavi, are now part of our hope for Iran's future. But this peice shows you that if and when Iran becomes a more liberated society, we have a young generation that is politically aware, engaged and educated. One day, they will form political parties and we can hold free elections and maybe this man can even run for some kind of office. The young generation in Iran have a lot of hope. And they are the only hope.

On a personal note, I hope people like this man have some way to deal with their pain and anger. Otherwise, the sorrow and particularily the anger will eat him alive.

Also, no matter how hard this regime tires to cover up it's crimes, we all know about them. And this man should know that his father's name might not be well known in Iran, but we all know that many political prisoners were executed. It was a crime against humanity. We know it happened. They can't lie to us. I think the families should do all they can to try to document the deaths. With pictures, whatever government identification or papers they have and etc. They should collect as much information as possible. One day, either we will put the bastards on trial, or if that doesn't happen in our life time, we will write it in our history books, erect monuments and commemorate the dates.

I feel so proud to have people like this in Iran.


The only solution is live and let live

by B77 on

Too many people have died form all sides, and the only reason is people want to impose their ideas over others. If only we could "live and let live" Here is history in breif:

Shah Killed Mosadegh's friends and many many others

Khomani came along and killed Shah's friends and many many others

MKO killed Shah's friends, Khmani's friends, Ordionary Iranians, forgieners, helpped saddam to kill others, torture its own members, and helped torture Iranian POWs in Iraq.

US has its own share of killing in Iran and around the world

Isreal, that same say is cause of all the violance in that part of the world, has more than enough of  of its share of killings.

Here some videos form these pointless killings from all sides, if you see the name of your favoerit buchure do get mad, they are all buchures and that is their job:












As sad as it was to watch , but...

by Tahirih on

 It was so uplifting to see this young man wanting justice not violence or killing. The fact that he has come out of this tragic situation so enlightened is a miracle.

I am proud of him.


Non-violence does not signify that man must not fight against the enemy, and by enemy is meant the evil which men do, not the human beings themselves. " Mahatma Gandi"




by capt_ayhab on

Gut wrenching.

May he rest in piece, and may his death be revenged.



  Iranian boy who

by vildemose on


Iranian boy who defied Tehran hardliners tells of prison rape ordeal



Forgive me my son

by pedro on

Iman, You may have lost your biological father to the brutal regime, But know that we are your father, your brother, your mother and your sister. you are us, we are you. your father is a hero. We love our heroes. they think that by raping our sons and daughters we will cast them away. Our tortured and raped freedom fighter are our heroes, we love them for their sacrifice. they are dear and near to our haurts. they need not to be ashamed of what Zahak has done to them. I feel your pain, I do. Be safe, never quit fighting for rightiousness.


Thank you Iman

by alipournourbakhsh on

Dear Iman,

May your father rest in peace.  Thank you for your message.  God bless you.  Someday we will stand in front of Him for our final judgment.  Rest assure that the ones that killed yours and many other fathers and mothers will be punished.  Sometimes their punishment comes to them before their death.

I pray for peace in Iran and the destruction of this hateful regime.

Ali Pournourbakhsh


MKO member ?

by k1s1000 on

Was his father who was killed an MKO member?



by MiNeum71 on

These ten minutes made me very sad, I hope this period of the Iranian history goes by as soon as possible.


Worcester Mo

No Afterlife but I wish there was

by Worcester Mo on

Dear Iman,

As Sassan 2 says, I wish there was a hell and heaven so these bastards burn in it forever and more.  I am not so sure that there is. I loved your comments about "justice even for Khamenie".  I suggest to keep them in a zoo for the rest of their lives.  Can you imagine how nice it would be when you go to this "zoo" and see these people on their cot, or whatever they do and you can hurl insults and dog shit at them  Instead of peanut, you can buy a bag of dog crap to throw at them.  FOR THE REST OF THEIR MISERABLE LIVES. The money for admission can be used to build roads, schools, whatever.  

You are very brave and truly sorry about your loss 



by Sassan2 on

Beautifully said -- I'm very proud of your courage and love of country and your father. No one can give back your father, but it must be comforting to know that those men who took your father's life will burn over the fires of Hell for eternity.

Mullah Khomeini is there right now, roasting over fire, drinking fire -- his soul pays every second for what his regime did to so many people just like your father.

Do not worry. If you believe in an after-life, someday you will see your father in Heaven.

Best wishes.


Thanks Mona...

by Emil on

Thanks Mona...


May they never be forgotten...

by alborz on

... may we never get accustomed to this brutality.

May he rest in peace.


Mona 19

یاد همه این عزیزان جاودان و روحشان شاد...

Mona 19

The song at the end of Iman's clip

Nedaye Sohrab by:Mazdosht





The Movement Lives On...

by Khar on

Freedom and Democracy for IRAN!

Artificial Intelligence

very sad

by Artificial Intelligence on

I felt his sorrow. t is so great to see the post revolution generation understanding the tyranny that is around them.


Aren't every one of us, in

by bihonar on

Aren't every one of us, in a way, responsible for not doing what a brave and free people would have done to bring this evil islamic government down?

I am ashamed of myself, I don't know about you.

Iman, thank you and please forgive me for being a coward. 


Liked the music...

by Emil on

Liked the music at the end of the clip...who is the singer...?

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

I am speechless....absolutely speechless.


We're proud of you. You're

by vildemose on

We're proud of you. You're brave just like your father. Please be safe.


Darius Kadivar

Thank You Iman For Testifying !

by Darius Kadivar on

This God Damn Regime destroyed many families ...

BOOK: EVEN AFTER ALL THIS TIME By Afschineh Latifi ( A Memoir )

May Your Father Rest in Peace !