Masoud Rajavi

Says UN should protect Camp Ashraf residents, if U.S. does not want to

Speech without making an appearance on first day of Moharram, 18 December 2009:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:



For those who speak English: or even understand something !

by e.byr on




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What ever U may say , none of you can do better than the Iranian Intelligent
sorry to say so!.

They tried for the past 30 years through proxies and mercenaries and
traitors to smear and foul and ... but any one believe one millionth in Law and
the power of International and National Law would have to accept the European Court
verdicts that have punished Jack Straw to compensate for saying one hundredth
of what you have smear here .. as he tried on so called legal bases. HE had to
pay compensation as the Court ordered. (all docs available.) 

Sorry. Dust can never turn a page in History, which is more than what I can
say for u lot here. 

Read this .. Perhaps their may be SOME humanism left
in you.



A bunch of dynasours يك مشت ابله





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حكايت چند تا مثال تاريخيه :

يك دروغگويي هي داد ميزد آاااااااي كشتن كشتتتتتتتتن
... مردم جمع ميشن هرچي نگاه ميكنن هيچي نمي بينن ,يكي ميپرسه كي روكشتن .. هوار
راه انداختي , بدخبت شديم , كر شديم , شب و روز نداريم..كشتي ما رو  .. دروغ گو گفت ..: ديدي گفتم كه كشتن ..باور


يه ديووونه ديگه سرشو كرده بود تو چاله ميگفت ..اي
بابا هي ميگم شبه , همه ميگن روزه


- يه ديووونه
ديگه زير يك درختي نشست و تكون نميخورد , باد اومد و بارون و خلاصه رعد و برق .يكي
اومد ازكنارش رد شد گفت ببين اينجا كه نشستي خطر داره ها سيل مياد , باد ميزنه
شاخه بالا كه كجه رو سرت ميافته بيا ازخر شيطون پايين بيا بريم يه جاي امن بعد
هرچي خواستي فحش بده..برگشت انگششت كرد تو چشم طرف گفت . شتر ديدي نديدي


اين مثالهاي تاريخي دقيقا ذكر حال جماعتي هستش كه
اينجا مثلا نظر دادن


يك بارهم آينه رو بردارين همه اينها نماد واقعي شما
توشه هرچي گفتين دقيقا وصف حال شماست , شما ازمردم بي خبرا , نه فقط مردم , درد
اگه داشتين به جاي كركري ميرفتين جاي اون جوووني كه همين ديروز خون داد. خجالت هم
حدي داره


So Personal

by statira on

His hatred toward regime is just personal. He ordered to kill Lajavardi just because Lajavardi killed his wife, Ashraf Rajavi. He feels no pitty for Iranian people otherwise Ahmaghineges, khamenie and many more weren't alive now.

hamsade ghadimi

one more thing

by hamsade ghadimi on

it is interesting that the speech is taped; however, someone who's in charge of the tape recorder is turning it off and on during the extended applauses.  the gathering is orchestrated in the style of north korean government with the picture of the leader looking into the imaginary future.  it even makes the akhoonds and their followers look more human.


Thanks for Pink Floyd video

by benross on

Thanks for Pink Floyd video David. It was timely. Actually, it is timeless.


What to do with MKO now that camp Ashraf is being dismantled?

by MM on

All agree what a foul cult MKO is.  The question at hand is what to with MKO now that camp Ashraf is being dismantled?

MKO faces a dire future in Iran for sure, and I am not comfortable with a ruthless / faux-Iranian cult in our community, with the likes of Rajavi duo at the helm.  As I watched a little of these painful videos here, they reminded me of Friday prayers at Tehran University without the “death to America” calls, now that they want to be assimilated into western cultures, of course.

I think the top leading figures in this cult need to face some kind of a trial for their “alleged” crimes against Iran and Iranians.  The mid- and low-level layers need:

1.       Psychological de-briefing to counter years of brain-washing by Rajavi and company

2.       Apology to all Iranians for what they have done

3.       Denounce their Islamist ways / alliance to all Islamic cults

Only then I am willing to listen.

Then, the question becomes “who are the top vs. lower ranking MKO members?”

David ET

"The SHOW MUST go on"

by David ET on

"Run Like Hell" 

"Waiting for the worms" 



by sam jade on



why why why , what is he hiding , show your face , are you injured , sick...

You are nobody yet but start playing game , DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD TRUST THIS GUY..since this is the begining..!!??




Rajavi is Basiji !!!

by statira on

He's no better than the Hezbollaheez thugs. Yek mojoode Adamkoshe oghdei!

It seems like that these poeple just like Hezbollahees believe in sex segregation.  Their women and men sitting in different sections, maybe later they put a curtain between them! Their women seem so depressed and are all lachaki!


Rajavi is Green !!!

by Researcher on

I don't see any difference between him and the "greenies." What is the difference? They are saying the same exact things. I think Rajavi is Green!

gitdoun ver.2.0

MKO = Revolutionary Guards

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

they're all fanatics and cultist murderers who have killed countless of people and stolen/cheated people of their money in one shape or another. you have to admit Rajavi is tenacious, it's been 30yrs,  and he is still trying to make a bid for power !!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Don't judge a book by its cover alone

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


No one is judging Ravaji brain washed  death cult by its cover alone. We all know the inside and it makes us sick.

I do agree that they do not deserve disparaging. They deserve worse! They deserve to be kicked out of the Iranian society forever. Only thing about them should be a bad memory. The stink of Rajavi and his wife should be wiped off Iranzamin.

As much as it pains me I admit that there are legitimate Iranians who really believe in Islam. However I do not believe that there are legitimate Iranians who are MKO. We must draw the line at some point. Utter treason and selling the country it that point. These bastards fought AGAINST Iranian soldiers in the Iran - Iraq war. If they got their way Khuzestan would be a part of Iraq. They should move under a rock and stay there. Miserable traitors they are without a country or a home.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The good; the bad; the dumb

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

The good part is that almost all Iranians agree in their disgust with MKO. These bunch of charlatans have NO support in Iran and very little outside. Not among Iranian people inside or outside.

The bad part is the stupidity and utter evil of those who support them. I would include many in the US congress and the EU. These despicable creatures support the most evil ideology that ever sprang up in Iran. Worse than the IRI and worse than anything else.

The dumb are the brainwashed idiots that follow these death cult. What is wrong with people! After the total discrediting of Marxism and Islamism how could they want this. To join two failed ideologies will only bring a greater failure.

Darius Kadivar

Hmm ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Look forward to a Pyschological profile of Rajavi ;0)

HITLER ON THE COUCH: A Psychological Profile of Adolf Hitler (BBC Documentary)

Maryam Hojjat

So Sad & Pitiful!

by Maryam Hojjat on

to see these people listening to the BS of their Big Brother for 70 mins.  You all said well about this cult, worse than IRR & more Arab than IRR/IRI.

Payandeh Iran & Iranians


Rejection of Rajavi is almost unanimous

by oktaby on

If that parallels opinion in Iran and I think it does, MEK can only serve a limited (likely a tactical/espionage) para military role for a foreign entity. In other words, selling their soul is their only avenue to survival; It is also their history. 



Note the resemblance

by Nur-i-Azal on

From the '80s film adaptation of Orwell's novel 1984:

1 hamvatan

اشک تمساح نریز رجوی..

1 hamvatan

رجوی اگه دلش برای افراد گولخورده در اشرف میسوزه, یکمی کیسه را شل کنه, کمکشون کنه بروند خارج. وقتی مریم رجوی در پاریس دستگیر شده بود... 9 میلیون دولار نقد توی آپارتمان بود. کاری ندارم از کجا گرفته ولی لامصب برای نوکراش یکمی خرج کنه.

پاینده باد ایران



by SB54 on

Cult keh Shakh va Dom Nadareh... A narscissitic Megalomanic and a pitiful breed of human beings reduced to a hoard of sheep.

Very pathetic and scary.


Lost in transition...

by Emil on

An imbecile generation lost in transition...


this guys is funny!

by alireza on

on one hand it is sad to see these followers listen to such a person who is affraid to even show up!

on the other hand, what he says was so much non-sense that I as unbiased person got bored.

but I should admit to see his speech technique resemble dictators! 


Democracy's dilemma; Masouda

by rustgoo on

I would not worry too much over the issue of how to deal with them in tomorrow's  democratic Iran; this cult has an undeniable talent for making any harsh method that needs to be used against them, morally and legally justifiable.

Mola Nasredeen

حزب فقط حزب نبی

Mola Nasredeen

رهبر فقط نیم وجبی


Rastgoo; a liar?

by rustgoo on

How can one believe in what you say; while your name is deceptively similar to another user on the opposite side.

Bunch of nonsense you wrote...


Here is the problem

by masoudA on

They are a RADICAL Cult - that as you can see still push for socialistic Islamization of Iran.   Never mind the leaders, even the followers seem to exhibit rigid, radical, unflexible, intolerant - yet dedicated and deciplined behavior.   The problem is there are an estimated 20,000 of them worldwide and under a democratic Iran they have every right to go back and live there.  The question we need to have an answer for is, should the future democratic Iran allow them to operate and function as a cult that they are?  They will be nothing but trouble.  Everything about them looks like IRR - they have the same decietful nature claiming glory even in their darkest days......


rajavi the supreme leader

by jasonrobardas on

 if we replace the current supreme leader with rajavi. it is going to be the end of MKO's grievances . The man wants to be the shah .


Don't judge a book by its cover alone

by Rastgoo on

Let me begin by saying that I agree with all the inferences to the non-democratic features of the MKO. As such I am not a supporter. But at the same time I do not think they deserve to be disrespected and ridiculed as I read below. You must realize that there has probably not ever been a single opposition party in the history of Iran that has been the target of such over arching government sponsored negative propaganda. The IRI absolutely HATES this organization (for good reason since they have killed many of these blood suckers) and has spent much resource to portray them in the most bizarre forms. This includes mass media resources, such as; websites, purportedly set up by ex-MKO members. Of course some are real but for the most part they are run by the same charlatans that are killing the young kids in the streets today. I agree that we may admonish them for their cult tendencies but open your eyes and see what they have done against the Khomeini regime. Unarguably they were the 1st major group in Iran after the revolution that broke away from the regime based on Khomeini’s non-democratic valayeteh faghih clause in the constitution. The vali is the main problem in Iran. If there was no vali there would be no Khameni! Don’t just listen to the non-sense that they broke away because they were not involved in the government, etc. That is non-sense. You can read up the newspapers from that era and it all started with their renunciation of the valayeteh faghih priniciple. Read Abrahamian’s book on them and you’ll be surprised. Give credit where it’s due and stop parroting the IRI lines against them just because you like to judge a book by it’s cover and call them all Stalinists since they dress up the same. This is immature and unbecoming of a supposedly cultured readership. Read up, educate yourself and you will see that yes they are definitely not liberal democrats and they do have cult tendencies but at the same time they do not deserve to be treated as garbage since they were the only major group that had the courage to stand up to this anachronistic and draconian regime.

Jeesh Daram

his replacement

by Jeesh Daram on

So sad, that his followers had to sit through more than 70 minutes of nonesense, after which, only to go back to their barracks, take off their suits and start playing backgammon, day in and day out.

I think his physical appearance has deteriorated during the past few months and he is in search of a replacement -a so called "mini-me"!

Here is a video that shows him during his meeting with the action committee:


His recent encounter with the US forces in Iraq:


celebration for Shabeh Yalda?:



These videos remind me of George Orwell's 1984

by Khar on


Not relevant

by Elham57 on

They are not relavant any more.

The traitors, and the morons, responsible for Khomeini's reign, need to shut the hell up!