Parazit: Protests & Hejab Campaign

By Saman Arbabi and Kambiz Hosseini

Part 1, protests:

Part 2, about Majid Tavakkoli and the hejab campaign:


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How do you compare dictatorship with democracy?

by abc123 on

The whole history of human being was witnessed of challenge
between people of different classes. It's impossible to keep a government who represents thieves and criminals and reform that regime. Even the green movement is part of Islamic regime and is confused by people's movement. I remember Moosavi Ardebili who was head of Justice Committee in Qom would finalize all the execution orders by
Lajevardi DADSETANE ENGHELAB. I thought he is gone to infinity, but
surprisingly he is alive and one of regime's oppositions!

You should go study history of nations.
Unfortunately there is not leadership in this movement, so Islamic regime's
hands are open to make Hitler's face totally white. Really? You think a criminal like Hitler could be kept and grow to a democrat?  People of Iran are experiencing the worst inhumanity for over 30 years. You should either live out of country and be so naive or live in Iran and work for the government.


In my opinion, every

by zebel20 on

In my opinion, every Iranian should concentrate on their rights for freedom, and dedicate their time and each others support to achieve their goals and demands from the government.

Our country will never grow having to change government time to time because we don’t agree with some issues we are facing today.


We should look at for instance at Americas history and how black people or people with other ethnic background, and how they have managed to demand their rights from the government without the idea of regime change in the country.



Funny stuff


but prepare to be bombarded with angry calls from iran with regards to your montazeri segment.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Very funny and relevant. And kudos for having the guts to point out America's "democratic" friends in the Middle East.


Realy nice show.

by pedro on

You gays are realy good.

Now the plain clothes are wearing mask. What is that tell you?

obviously their confidence has been shaken. They are scaired.

Now the mask, tomorrow shave beared, and at the end, they will be found and pulled out of hiding from the rat holes, Like Saddam.

Thanks Saman and Kambiz.


Thanx VOA

by masoudA on

These guys are just great



by Emil on

Pretty summary with a bit of humor...

Darius Kadivar

Kambiz & Saman You Rock Guys ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I mean GALS ! ;0)) 

I watch you often on VOA and have to say you crack me up !

Keep Up the Good Job and Wish you all the success with Parazit !