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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: VPK if the billions were "wasted" then, why Pahlavis are liv

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


They don't need "billions" are dollars to live. I am sure they took some amount of money but I doubt it was "billions" of dollars. But it is minimal compared to what the IRI has wasted and stolen.

You are trying to divert attention from IRI by equating it to the Pahlavis. In reality Pahlavis were real patriots and there is no equivalence between them and Mullahs. It is like comparing day and night. Mullahs are pure evil while Pahlavis were patriots; yes they were flawed but they wanted the best for Iran. The Mullahs and their supporters put Islam first and only view Iran as a means to spread their mental disease. I would take RP any day over Mussavi or Karroubi or the rest.


Comments section, not for blogs..

by Emil on

FYI  intelligent people, this is comment section, not for writing blogs. so keep it short and to the point. I doubted if any body would bother to read these long blogs here, you are wasting space and time.

If you want to write blogs, publish it in the main section.

No wonder Reza Topol is in hiding, he is scared of supporters like you,. .lol


If you think this is the

by benross on

If you think this is the best Iranians have, you haven't been in Iran and seen the non -IRI society of artists and intellectuals

That you support?!... case in point. 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

yea i'm sure they just needed pahlavi to do this sooner. lol.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

benross, pahlavi idolizers couldn't have said it better. Too bad they don't need him, eh? Who knows, someone better might emerge.... perish the though. I want to stick to my 20th century Iranian stuff. 

Get out of your comfort zones and start to realize that Reza Pahlavi is not IT. He's so much of a security blanket for some of you that I worry what will become of you if he has a heart attack at the buffet table one day.

He will be shut out by the Iranians LEADING this movement just fine without him. It will be poetic justice for sure. He can blabber all he likes, but it's just for show. 

If you think this is the best Iranians have, you haven't been in Iran and seen the non -IRI society of artists and intellectuals, and you probably don't want to because of your Pahlavi monomania. 

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Dariush Kadivar Khan

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

An elegant, worldly royalist like you should know better.

First of all I will attribute your bad manners and personal attack on the elegant french champaign you are drinking. 

Second, if you really must know I am more of a partriot that you give me credit.  I had my nose done by a very well educated Iranian surgeon (Lady) in Iran. 

Third I did not vote for any of those bafoons either. 

Fourth just because I am critical and dissapointed of your vacationing, sun bathing , plump Prince (Islands or Europe?) does not make me an Islamic Republic supporter.  It does not qualify me to get attacked by people such as you either. (So much for the tollerance he advoctes. or it is just lip service?) 

Fifth, ask yourself does your Prince get as worked up about things IRAN related as you, I or the 70 million?  Ask, where is he?  Why is he hiding?  From whom and for how long?  Really ask yourself!

Six, showing what you gentlemen call testicles is what Iranian woman are doing day in and day out in Iran. Talk is cheap, NO?

So dear elegant one, I wish you well, not illl.  Sip your champaign and to you I say "bon soir mon frere" //  

And as you dream, carefully listen to a whisper (from my little girls): that you do not serve your Prince well by attacking woman like me, nose job and all!  For we are the least of your Priince's worries.

Kindest regards, Banafsheh


Re:Youth of Iran Like Him Once they Hear Him

by benross on

You hit the right button. My main criticism is that youth of Iran should have heard of him before they hit the street. RP strategy in the past, whatever it was, has to be modified.

One reason that youth of Iran didn't hear his message was that inside Iran secular intellectuals were cleansed since the beginning of the revolution and what was left was religious intellectuals to brainwash the youth with Islam and keep them attracted to their discourse by presenting secular ideas IN ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE. This is what essentially fed the green movement and 'reformist' thinking that obviously failed. But even in failure, these intellectuals are not capable of advocating any secular thinking. They merely interpret step by step, the failure of Islamic revolution and its ideas which were theirs. They don't even bother reminding the youth that this whole charade of Islamic thinking WAS NOT THE SOCIAL DISCOURSE PRIOR TO THE REVOLUTION and one need not to have a PHD, let alone being the engineer of a cultural revolution in universities, to realize that political Islam is incompatible with the notion of secularism and freedom of individuals as individual.


The creation of an Iranian person as an individual and a citizen, was the work of Pahlavi dynasty. First by establishing a nation state by the first Shah and second, by creating a large new middle class by the second Shah.

The left wing opposition to Mohamad Reza Shah, influenced by the cold war era in terms of ideology, but product of modern thinking by historical content, was the child of modernity project led by Pahlavis. And Reza Pahlavi, in generational terms, belongs to the same social category that was either fooled by likes of Soroush or cleansed by likes of Soroush. The non Islamic entity of this generation which was potentially most apt to push forward secular values was completely disoriented by the persecution of IRI on one hand and lack of leadership on the other.


Reza Pahlavi strategy in the past was to establish a conciliatory relationship between the monarchy and his own generation. This effort was not particularly successful. We may blame RP for not choosing the right policy to succeed. But the failure is a complete responsibility of others who not only lacked the leadership to move forward, but also did everything they could to tarnish RP efforts, just to cover their own failure.

So the new generation didn't hear RP message because the previous generation made every effort -and still does- to prevent it from happening because it would bring completely to the surface the ideological bankruptcy of its own generation.

But I suspect this wall of ignorance is about to fall.


Reza Pahlavi's Letter to the Honorable Ban Ki-Moon at the UN

by MM on

OK Darius,

Maybe RP is reading our conversations, heated at times, but that is ok in a democratic society.  This letter is a good start, but in my opinion, he needs to do a bit more to introduce himself to the masses and lead the anti-Islamist movement, as per my comments before.

Read the full letter at Reza Pahlavi's Letter to the Honorable Ban Ki-Moon at the UN

Reza Pahlavi - Thursday, December 31st, 2009.  


RP's action points:

• Call upon the clerical regime of Iran to immediately release all those who have been arrested and kept in detention on the basis of their participation in, or mere expression of support for, the post-election demonstrations. Pending the release of the detainees, the authorities must allow the detainees to have access to legal counsel and normal visiting rights;
• Appoint a special rapporteur to travel to Iran in order to prepare a firsthand report on the nature and dimensions of the recent violations of human rights committed by security agents, judicial authorities, and members of the revolutionary guards and the armed militia of the clerical regime in Iran;
• Inform the Human Rights Commission and the General Assembly of the United Nations of the serious nature of ongoing violations of human rights in Iran; and
• Urge the member states of the United Nations to recall their respective ambassadors from Iran as a minimal but clear indication of their support for the rights and freedom of the Iranian citizens and their serious objections to widespread and flagrant violations of these rights by the clerical regime in Iran.

Mola Nasredeen

"Reza Pahlavi is hiding somewhere in Europe says AP"

by Mola Nasredeen on


"May I ask Who is he hiding from? Hezbolahis?"

"No, from the monarchists who want him to declare himself the new king"

Said Hazrate shotor.

Darius Kadivar

No Problem MM Jaan Just Opened a Champagne Bottle ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I am not Upset just don't want to have a sleepless night brainstorming again.

Will read your post later on.

Have a Nice New Year in the meantime as well as everyone else on this thread.

Take Care,



Darius Joon - do not get upset buddy - just suggesting

by MM on

 Darius Joon,

Please do not get uptight.  I have nothing against RP.  Although I know of Reza Pahlavi, I do not know a lot about him; neither do most Iranians, especially the young ones on the streets in Iran.  The fact of the matter is that many Iranians are just beyond the idea that RP is entitled to inherit the throne, and not many, excluding you, will invite him to take the Peacock Throne after the Mullahs are out. 

Again, think of what I said (see below) as a test/trial for RP to pass before he is reinstated in the mainstream Iranian thinking.  This would be especially true with the young ones who will see how his vision, leadership and bravery match anyone else in the field of candidates.    


Here are my suggestions which I post again.   

Hello Darius,


Reza Pahlavi has been on the side-lines for the past 30 years and at least one generation of Iranians, many of whom are on the streets are now, look at Reza Pahlavi as a footnote in the history of Iran.  Please, no malice intended here. 


What Reza Pahlavi should do now is:


* He needs to lead: Declare what his vision for a secular Iran is.  i.e., what are his intended policies/politics and core-beliefs; a republic, a federation, jomhoori, a system like the British Monarchy or the same Shahi system as before?


* I have heard him say that it is up to the people of Iran to decide……., but I hope that he does not expect to reside here and hope that the people of Iran will ask him to come back once the Mullahs are kicked out.


* He needs to re-introduce himself to the thousands who do not know him.  He may even consider taking a chance and go to Iran NOW to lead the people in the struggle to kick the Mullahs out. 


* As I have said before, most of the known opposition leaders in Iran want to reform the system within the confines of an Islamic Republic and the call on the streets is "ESTEGHLAAL, AZAADI, JOMHOORI-E IRANI".  Reza Pahlavi may be well suited to be a charismatic secular leader that unites the people under one flag to give the Mullahs a final push.  Once the Mullahs are kicked out, then he can make his case to the Iranian people as to whether they should listen and vote for his core-beliefs.  


PS, I will spend a quiet evening with my family in the coming new year's eve.  Thank you for your suggestion to spend it with NIAC.  Maybe next year.  Have a Happy New Year.

Darius Kadivar

Banafsheh Zolfaghari You got Something Wrong in Your Script

by Darius Kadivar on



Now Go and HAve Your Nose Job with Your Italian Doctor In NY !

As For NEDA Roohash Shad !

Happy New Year Nevertheless !


Banafsheh Zolfaghari

This Year's Best Docu-Drama: "Reza Pahlavi Under the Sun!"

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

The Academy Awards this year will feature an opening trailer from the best-selling Docu-drama "Pahlavi Under the Sun."

Scene One: Iranian streets brave the regime's thugs with fire, blood, clubs and the memorable Neda scene. 

Scene Two: Champaign and caviar is served to His Imperial Majesty in the Islands. "They can wait until after the New Year party," he tells his festive auntie Ashraf, covered with silk and diamonds, while being fanned by ass kissing fools in at their private Island.

A Deep Voice Over: Could this be true or just another defaming scene from a holywood script?  The same old vast conspirators to defame our gentile Prince?

The Drums roll:  And the winner is (background rolling drums and a solo trumpet) "NEDA" WHO'S TRAGIC DEATH GAVE HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY HIS 15 MINUTES OF FAME!

Good Night and Good Luck



Youth of Iran Like Him Once they Hear Him

by seannewyork on

Every young person that gets to see his interview or speech online or tv in Iran likes him a lot.  The problem is many do not have exposure to him because they dont have internet, sattelite, ect.

 But the ones that do see him as a very democratic person such as me.

 If Iran ever has a fair, open election he would have a great chance of winning.

Darius Kadivar

OK MM since You want to play on the Sentimental Cord Let me ask

by Darius Kadivar on

You the following Questions but I won't Shy from giving you my personal blunt Opinion on Reza's Behavior to You.

Firstly: Where WAS KHOMEINY when Our BRAVE IRanian 9 Year Olds were being sent to clear the Minefields on the IRan Iraq Border during that 8 Year Bloody War ?

Secondly:Where Was KHOMEINY when IRanians were in the Street Fighting the Shah or during the Jaleh Square Massacre ( Provoked by the Revolutionaries Violence than merely General Oveissi's Decision to shoot in the Crowd)

Can Any Leader Match the BRAVERY of these Young Men and Women in the Streets of Tehran, Mashad or Shiraz today in their Fight against one of the most Brutal regimes ( unique in violence in all our Long History of Kings and Tyrants who have ruled us) ? The Answer is Alas NO  !

But I won't shy away from your question.

I personally believe he should be fighting in the Streets at the Risk of being Killed like any Medieval Prince or King who would fight with his Troops in the Melee.

But we are Not living in the Middle Ages and Modern Warfare eversince  the invention of Gun Powder has become a cowardly and unfair fight.

In the middle Ages Wars were engaged by leaders who would fight often to the death :

Macbeth Final in Polanski's adaptation of Shakespeare's Timeless Play:


But Neither did Napoleon, Wellington, Hitler, Eisenhower, Patton, Saddam Hussein or George Bush and Tony Blair fill in the shoes of the poor devils fighting in the front lines and risking their lives for the petty Art of War and in front of our own TV Screens.

Which One of Us felt that Saddam despite All his cruelty deserved to be Hanged on New Year's Eve filmed by a Mobile and aired on TV and the Internet while we were eating our Turkey and Tilting our glasses of Champage Upon Midnight to celebrate the New Year ?

George Bush did not even have the decency of a WarLord in the Middle Ages who always would Render it's Respects to the Fallen Enemy !

Instead he just gave a TV Speach claiming HE WON the War !

This is How Low Our Leaders and Warlords have fallen to justify their policies. The Art of War has been reduced to Petty and Mediocre cynicism and Not just a subject of mockery on the movie Screens:

In The Loop (Trailer ):


So Yes Politics is a Cynical Art. If one can even dub it an Art at the sake of insulting the genius of Artists with far more talent.

But We Cannot Ignore it !

But Rare are human beings and Leaders in Power or Aspiring to that position who live up to those expectations of vision, leadership and bravery as you put it so well. Particularly in Our Modern Nucleare Age which has entered it's second century with this Millenium.

If it were to come to Awarding Leaders for their Physical Courage (and often at the expense of their own people's future at stake, regardless of the consenquences of their behavior), I suppose that such characters as PLO leader Yasser Arafat, Shah Massoud in Afghanistan or even Terrorists like Bin Laden or Mullah Omar ( although not in the planes he ordered to be crushed on the Twin Towers) would qualify for that Award.

So YES we are living in a COWARDLY World, where our individual bravery or Not is challenged by the bitter comparison to the physical bravery of either innocent and pure individuals like our brave countrymen and women in Iran or elsewhere like the children in Gaza at the face of Israeli Bombings ( regardless of what we may think of the Hamas or Hezbollah thugs)or the Palestinian IntiFada children throwing Stones on Israeli Troops armed to the teeth.

But then we are caught up by the Reality of our times and unless we are Suicidal we are faced with no other alternative but pragmaticism.

Again as I said to you in my long Response, What RP is proposing is NOT Leadership. But YOU Failed to understand my point or did you even Bother to read my response ?

He is Suggesting SOLIDARITY and UNITY towards a Common Goal.

You Can Take it and contribute to a Constructive challenge or Leave it and We can look for other opportunities and expect others to die in our name as martyrs so that our children can lead a normal life and have their Nose Jobs in LA, NY or Paris ...

So while You Guys are having Your Caviar Parties and enjoying Your Rafsanjani pistachios at the NIAC conferences brainstorming on how to prolong the Regime's Survival ( although I understand that your PhD "experts" have FINALLY reached the SAME conclusion that Reza has been spearleading all along) or still Attempt to REFORM IT, I suggest you to think VERY HARD on proposing a Better Solution than What RP has been suggesting.

Otherwise playing on the Sentimental Cord of Who has to sacrifice his life for the Iranian People is not going to lead ANY of Us to a concret and pragmatical solution to this crisis.

Moussavi whom You Guys elected and have cheered has hardly lived up to that courage nor to the Role Model he relishes to be compared too: Amir Kabir. His nephew has shown far more courage than his peers and paid the ultimate price. And who are we going to hail for this sacrifice  ? Moussavi ? ...

Karroubi on the otherhand has shown far more courage than even I would have thought from a cleric. And Yet I do not see him or even Shirin Ebadi as potential Leaders in this Crisis regardless of their own personal qualities.

No One in our modern world is entirely Brave nor entirely a Coward.

The Least someone can do is to be Honorable and from that point of View, The Legitimate Crown Prince of Iran has been Honorable in his efforts to rally public and international Support for his BRAVE Compatriots who are being killed, raped and tortured like flies in the streets.

So YES I am Supportive of MY Leader !

You are Free to chose Your Own or Join Us in a Common Cause that Transcends Political Rivalries and petty personal ambitions.


Because our Nation's destiny and that of our people is at crossroads And Our Innocent Peoples Lives at Stake !

Otherwise If you and Your Friends at NIAC wish to See IRan become another Yougoslavia, be My Guest ! ... Keep on Bashing the Opposition as you have to date.

But That is My Blunt Opinion and GUT Feeling,


In the meantine ... HAppy New Year and Enjoy NIAC's New Year Caviar Party with Your Joon Joony and Brave Trita and his spineless playboy sidekick Houman Majd, the clueless twin Sadri brothers  and the self proclaimed Iranian Edward Said aka Hamid Dabashi !





He is Iranian too.

by پیام on

Although Reza Pahlavi enjoys a very smal support inside ( and outside for that matter) Iran, he like all of us is an Iranian too and he has every right to have his opinion on the current situation in Iran. When the day comes that us Iranians can choose democratically what type of ruling we want in our country, he will have his chance to engage the democratic proces.


A.G. from Arak

by moftaki on

Wasn't your late father a fan of Reza Shah. That's why he named your brother Reza. He was the chief of police at Saadabadafter all.

So stop showing your spite for the Pahlavi family and shut up. And by the way your alias is very Jewish.




"The traitors, and the morons, responsible for Khomeini's reign, need to
shut the %@# up!"

He is long dead. You can visit his grave in Egypt. 


OK Darius, your answer 2 me deserves to have my comments 2

by MM on

OK Darius, if you refer to your answer to me, please include my comments on what RP should do as well (Darius - What should Reza Pahlavi do now? right below DK's essay in a different blog). 

Think of what I said as a test/trial for RP to pass before he is reinstated in the mainstream Iranian thinking.  This would be especially true with the young ones who will see how his vision, leadership and bravery matches anyone else in the field of candidates.   

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

May I please have a Grande Nonfat Latte?

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

Thank you.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh the high class monarchists

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

democracy just flourishes when his supporters enter these comments.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Hey Emil, my dog's IQ is higher than yours!

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

It's 10!


Yeah, that dawg won't haunt no more!

by Elham57 on

The traitors, and the morons, responsible for Khomeini's reign, need to shut the %@# up!


Jail the only place...

by Emil on

When the Pahlavi's gang fled Iran, they emptied the banks and grabbed what ever they could to take with them. It is exactly what Akhonds are doing now.... The history is repeating itself. Now it is the Akhonds and their corrupt families, relatives and their buddies, then It was Pahlavis with their corrupted families, relatives and their buddies.... So It is the same thing except Iranian people have been screwed for generations, either by Monarchs (Specially the late dictator) , Akhonds or the combination of the two....  The only place for this dictator-zadeh Reza Pahlavi in Iran is in a jail, along with Akhond-zadeh Mojtabah Khamanie. They can share the same jail cell, and should be allowed to marry each other from time to   Shah/Monarchy, Akhond/Islam, two side of the same crap...

Mola Nasredeen

VPK if the billions were "wasted" then, why Pahlavis are living

by Mola Nasredeen on

like millioners? Where does their millions come from?

Mola Nasredeen

Dear Only I ran, I'm very concerned about IRI billions of dollar

by Mola Nasredeen on

s being "Mulla khore too".

But it can't stopped me from asking:

Where are the billions Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Farah Diba stole from Iranian Nation while running away from the wrath of people? 

Mola Nasredeen

"Dear Mulla in Drag aka sarsam the 4th

by Mola Nasredeen on


Are all pure blooded Aryans so rude?"

Asked Hazrate shotor. 


Red Wine jan

by HollyUSA on

Denial doesn't cut it my friend.

موفق باشید.

Darius Kadivar

mehdi2009 Jaan I invite you to read my Response to MM

by Darius Kadivar on

Dear mehdi2009,

Once you understand that it is not about Leadership for God's Sake ! ;0)

Then You will understand What Reza's Call is all about !  

It's Very Late Here so I can't engage in a debate with you on this subject but hope you will find some of the answers to your questions and doubts here:

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi's Second Message to the Iranian Nation

Now Personally I get the opposite feedback than Your Sources mehdi2009 Jaan equally from friends and family in Iran so I guess we all have our own assessments and they are each respectable.

But to conclude here let me quote a Historian Friend of mine who once told me something which I find very true:

History NEVER Repeats Itself But it OFTEN Rhymes ...

That is why I am confident that Crown Prince's Message will Enter Resonance with the Iranians At Large and his Time will come. It won't happen Overnight but it will come because it is the only logical thing to do.

Warm Regards and No Hard Feelings,




Dear Darius he is not taken seriously in Iran

by mehdi2009 on

Dear Darius,

As much as I respect and even admire your posts and opinions, I have to inform you that during my last 2 visits to Iran within the last 6 months I spoke with many Iranians of different ilk be it socio-economical, educated, secular or religious backgrounds. and I was informed and convinced that Reza Pahlavi's credibility at best is very minimal.

I believe that he truly means well, and wants what is best for all of our country men and women, however if you look at the history of the world, you will clearly notice that, monarchies once abolished have rarely made a comeback. The cases for these are numerous, such as King Constantine of Greece, Hohenzollers in Germany, Hapsburgs in Austria-Hungary and Romanovs in Russia to name a few never made a comeback.

The majority of people in Iran have gone beyond the Monarchy, and in any future Free and Democratic Government there would never be a Rule of one and there will sure be checks and balances.

Salutations to ALL the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.



Ali P.

by Fatollah on

you are not alone, so do I. :)